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Spring Break and Plump It - Mother's Day Gift Set

"Every year, it's the same song: Mom, what would you like for Mother's Day? As a new member of the oOlution team, this year I give her this duo that moms love! A serum to take care of her skin and a fresh fragrance with lovely benefits. "

juliette from the oolution team

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Generous ingredients, audacious commitments.

"What I want is for your skin to restore its natural balance and for you to observe concrete results, without compromise for your health and values. »

anne-marie gabelica

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I've been looking for a 100% healthy AND effective deodorant for so long! Thank you for creating it - it's foolproof!

Jessica V.

Great products! For me, the Game Over serum is miraculous and I am extremely satisfied with it. It's the kind of product where you say, "OK, this is the one, this is the one, and I'm not changing it anymore!".

Clementine A.

Very good product! 100% natural, organic and very effective

Emmanuelle A.

I love the range of creams. They work miracles on my skin.

Marine P.

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The first home send back program of cosmetic products.

In each package of your orders there is a pre-stamped envelope that allows you to send back the empty packaging of your products free of charge. The bottles, jars and lids will be carefully washed and disinfected by disabled people (ESAT) and then repackaged into new products before being put back on sale on the oOlution website. The tubes and pumps, which cannot yet be repackaged, will be used to make new objects in an upcycling logic.

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Why oOlution organic cosmetics ?

What is oOlution natural skincare?

oOlution is defined by natural cosmetics full of skin-friendly ingredients to bring a truly balanced diet to your skin. Oily skin, dry skin or normal to combination skin, our natural skincare products are made of plants each with a specific virtue associated with each other to create an ideal organic skincare product for each skin type.

Which natural face routine to adopt?

At oOlution, the face routine rhymes with a single watchword: softness. Whatever your skin type (you can make your skin diagnosis here) you can first apply a natural make-up remover in the evening, followed by a gentle cleanser. Then, we advise you to use Flower Power, a floral water which will be ideal to soften the skin after washing and remove limestone residues. Then, it is time for skincare. Depending on your skin type, you can apply one of our natural serums followed by one of our organic skincare products which will moisturize and care for your skin after washing.

And for body care?

Body skin is generally less fragile than the face because it is thicker, but it is not immune to many irritations when using unsuitable products. At oOlution, we recommend you to use organic and natural products that will give your skin suppleness and comfort. Whether it is an organic body care, a cold saponified soap or a natural solid deodorant, your skin deserves the best.

But oOlution is also a committed brand!

In addition to being a 100% organic and natural brand, all the cosmetics are made in France, not tested on animals and vegan. We have also been a winner of the Slow Cosmetics award since 2014. In a zero-waste approach, with our deposit system, you can return your finished products to us free of charge so that the bottles can be reused ;) And finally, thanks to all the orders on oOlution's website, we have already been able to save 8 hectares of forests from deforestation in Indonesia.

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