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You want to keep your skin well hydrated and luminous, but do not know what to choose? Cream, oil, serum, balm, cleanser... Each type of facial skincare corresponds to a specific problem and skin type. Our skin care products are adapted to each need and enriched with diverse natural ingredients to best meet the specific needs of your skin.

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Choosing natural skin care

To have a beautiful skin naturally, it is important to use organic skincare every day. If your skin has a tendency to shine and you are concerned about pimples and blackheads, you need a lighter cream with moisturising and purifying active ingredients. If you want to act on wrinkles, spots and scars, you need skin care with regenerating and anti-oxidant active ingredients. If your skin is dry or even sensitive, you need a cosmetic rich in plant oils as well as soothing and nourishing active ingredients. To be sure to find the right facial skincare that matches your skin's needs, it is important to make your free skin diagnosis. Thoroughly cleansing your skin and/or removing make-up is a crucial step towards a more healthy skin. However, beware of irritating stripping! This is why at oOlution we exclude aggressive detergents: all sulphates and sodium cocoyl-isethionate. Our organic cleansing gel Gentel Angel is thus ideal for combination but dehydrated skin! Milk, oil, gel or lotion, you do not know what to choose? In order to have a clear idea of your skin's needs you can complete the free skin diagnosis and discover what is best for your skin. Whether you're a fan of homemade cosmetics, Slow Cosmetics or unconditional fan of organic vegetable oils, you'll love it! Our 4 compositions are synergies of organic vegetable oils and first cold pressing. Each one contains a selection of about ten complementary vegetable oils, they are a real cocktail of beneficial active ingredients! Like our composition of purifying and regulating oils, ideal for combination to oily skin. They can be used on their own, mixed with your cream or in a DIY cosmetic recipe for greater effectiveness. Economical, these ready-to-use blends avoid buying several oils. Their reusable glass bottle makes them a must for the zero-waste bathroom!

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