Routines for mixed to oily skin

Not all oily skins need the same routine. Oily skin routines vary according to the skin problems encountered: imperfections, dark circles, wrinkles.

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Choosing a routine for an oily to combination skin

Oily skin needs to be cleansed with a mild cleanser to avoid the overproduction of sebum. Skin cleansing begins as soon as you remove make-up, and the oily skin routine contains a make-up remover oil. Oil Right make-up remover oil is to be applied on the skin and massaged in to remove make-up, even waterproof. This make-up remover oil can be used by oily skin because it is not comedogenic. The 25 organic first cold-pressed vegetable oils in this make-up remover oil act to gently remove make-up. To continue the oily skin routine, we recommend a cleanser. Gentle Angel is a gentle sulfate-free facial cleansing gel that cleanses and purifies the skin without drying it out. The oily skin facial routine can be completed by using a floral water such as Flower Power, which is soothing and is particularly useful if your water is hard. Continue your oily skin routine with the application of the eye contour Eye Love, which helps to smooth and moisturize the eye contour. If you have combination to oily skin that shines on certain areas of your face, you can apply Check Matte, which acts on shine and mattifies the skin. Then, apply a light moisturizer cream. Even oily skin needs moisture. The moisturizing cream Glow Up illuminates the complexion. In the course of our lives, our skin has different needs. When you feel the need, you can apply an anti-aging cream to prevent and limit the appearance of wrinkles. Age out is formulated with 65 natural ingredients which helps to firm and illuminate the skin.

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