Organic body skincare

Keep your body skin well hydrated and supple, but what should you choose? cream, oils, solid soap... each type of body care corresponds to a specific problem and skin type. Our body care products are adapted to each need and enriched with numerous natural ingredients to best meet the specific needs of your skin.

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Naturally taking care of your body

No more dry skin with our 100% natural, organic and vegan body care products. Ultra-rich in organic vegetable oils, they effectively moisturize and nourish body, hair, hands and feet. Their delicate fragrance and easy application will make you appreciate their effectiveness for a soft, satiny and comfortable skin. Are you looking for an economical and ecological solution to wash yourself? You will love our cold saponified soaps! Handcrafted in the Hautes-Alpes, they are non-drying and cleanse the skin while nourishing it. Soap rise is the only organic soap made from cold saponification, composed of more than 20 nourishing and refreshing organic vegetable active ingredients for enhanced effectiveness. Soap rise is delicately perfumed and leaves a light scent on the skin. But if your skin is sensitive, you can choose the fragrance-free Soap rise.

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