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The moisturizing cream Glow Up has a fluid and light texture that suits all skin types.


normal to combination skin

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100% vegan and

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Glow Up contains 65 organic plants

Thanks to its precious selection of detoxifying and antioxidant oils, it awakens the radiance of your skin and illuminates your complexion!

7 moisturizing plants

Coconut Extract, Coconut Oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Prunella vulgaris Extract, Sunflower Extract, Sunflower Oil, Vanilla Extract

On a clean and cleansed skin, apply a dab of cream all over your face and massage until it penetrates.

For a clean and clear skin in the morning and evening, without drying or irritating it.

Step 1


To remove limestone residue from tap water, moisturize, soothe and purify the skin.

Step 2


For local or global treatment of stubborn imperfections or spots.

Step 3


To moisturize the eye contour and fight against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Step 4

Eye Contour

Glow Up is here

To moisturize the skin and provide regulation, nutrition, anti-aging or radiance, depending on what your skin needs.

Step 5

Complete your routine.

All skin types


To remove limestone residue from tap water, moisturize, soothe and purify the skin.

Step 2

For local or global treatment of stubborn imperfections or spots.

Step 3

To moisturize the eye contour and fight against wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

Step 4

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Elodie M.
Elodie M.
My favourite
My favourite cream for years. I discovered it in the early days of oO, I sometimes wanted to try it elsewhere... But I always come back to it because it is so perfect. In winter, I alternate with Whole Again in the evening for more nutrition.

Dorothée L.

This treatment fits me perfectly, even my husband steals it from me 😉
I love the texture, the smell and my skin is happy with it.
Just perfect.

Aurora C.

This treatment is a joy!
The smell, the texture, the effect on my face: this treatment is by far my favourite since its release. I can't do without it anymore, it adapts to my skin, which is sometimes combination, oily or dry. Its composition and the values of this brand correspond perfectly to me. The format is great.

Your questions


If you feel that your skin is dry especially after cleansing and that this discomfort disappears afterwards, the cream organic moisturizer Glow up is made for you! It will give you all the moisture and comfort you need. If, on the other hand, your skin is dry throughout the day and you have to reapply cream several times a day to relieve your discomfort, your skin is in fact very dry to fragile. The ideal skin care product for you is Whole Again: ultra-nourishing, it reduces your skin's vulnerability and discomfort.

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Moisture: The combination of nutritious plants such as coconut, brazil nut and sunflower oil is ideal for giving your skin the moisture it needs to feel comfortable and soothed


A brighter complexion: Extracts of various elements such as sea buckthorn, lily or carrot help to illuminate the complexion and enhance its natural radiance


  • A detox effect: Thanks to the detoxifying properties of a cocktail of 14 plants, the skin is protected from toxins and regenerated

  • Anti-oxidant and anti-fatigue properties: External aggressions such as pollution and the sun can create free radicals that damage the skin on a daily basis and accelerate skin ageing. The sweet almond oil and argan oil present in this treatment provide effective protection against these radicals.

  • An anti-ageing action: To delay the appearance of wrinkles and reduce those already present, the combination of anti-ageing active ingredients acts at the heart of the epidermis for a smoother and firmer skin

  • Glow Up is a skincare product suitable for all ages. Whether you have young or mature skin, you will love this cream day cream which is particularly suitable for dull and tired skin. Whether you have sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin or normal to combination skin, its moisturizing power will be perfect to bring what your skin needs.

  • Glow Up Beauty cream is ideal during periods of increased fatigue as it increases the radiance of the complexion, brightens the face and reduces the signs of fatigue that can build up over time. 


Thanks to this cream organic moisturizer, your skin is radiant, nourished and you will look good again with each use.


This facial care product with its melting texture penetrates quickly and leaves no greasy film, for increased comfort of use, while intensely moisturising.

For even more spectacular results, you can use the Eye Love eye contour for its antidark shadows and anti-puffiness action and the Light Up or Extra Drop radiance serum depending on your skin type. These products are also enriched with natural ingredients to meet the specific needs of your skin.

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