Magic Milk

Organic Moisturizing Body Milk



200 mL


This milk moisturizes and tones the body leaving the skin supple and non-sticky. Its light texture is no less effective, thanks to the great diversity of its natural ingredients.

Moisturizes - Softens - Tones - Soothes

  • milk
  • normal to dry skin
200 mL
  • 200 mL
  • 50 mL

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Oolution is

100% natural


100% made of plants


0% palm


sent back and


100% vegan and

cruelty free

Magic Milk contains 55 organic plants

Thanks to its 56 organic plants, this milk rehydrates the skin.

- See the list of ingredients

Use of Magic milk

Apply the moisturizer Magic Milk on a clean dry skin. Its light texture penetrates quickly and allows you to get dressed after applying the product.

Massage gently and focus on areas of the body that tend to be drier (such as knees and elbows).

Complete your routine.

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cream main

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cream foot

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Reviews of our clients

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I used Magic Milk before, but having very dry skin (and even more so in winter), I wanted to try Body Guard. After having hesitated for fear that this cream would be too oily and difficult to spread, I decided to try it and don't regret it at all! It doesn't leave an oily film on the skin and you can get dressed quickly after spreading it. Of course, as it is thicker, you have to massage a little more to make it penetrate but my skin is better hydrated.
There's nothing to say about the smell.
On the other hand, although it is kept at room temperature in my bathroom, like many users, I find it difficult to get the cream out when it is less full. So I'm looking forward to the new packaging (a jar would have the advantage for us users not to lose a crumb of cream...).


I'm 58 years old, the pleasure of this milk is to immediately notice its efficiency on the legs especially, I had dry skin and like fish scales but that was before, I feel better and it spreads easily, it's perfect.

Very nice cream!

Perfect for the hot seasons (spring, summer), very pleasant smell, very quickly absorbed, I like it very much...but for autumn and winter I prefer Body guard!

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