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Our solid deodorants, developed with and without fragrance, can be applied on sensitive skin or after hair removal because they do not contain alcohol. With a 100% natural formulation, they combine effectiveness and respect for the skin.

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What are the benefits of a solid deodorant?

Switching from a conventional deodorant to an organic solid deodorant is a choice many of us make. The solid deodorant is to be applied like a classic deodorant. Though often more compact, it is just as effective. After trying it, you will be convinced! Keep Cool organic citrus-scented solid deodorant is 100% natural. Composed of 25 natural ingredients, it regulates perspiration and neutralizes odors. To be applied on a clean and dry skin. Its citrus scent will delight both women and men. This natural deodorant is also available in a fragrance-free formulation. Gentle, it is suitable for sensitive skin and can be applied after hair removal because it contains no alcohol. Our fragrance-free deodorant has the same action as a scented deodorant, it regulates perspiration and neutralizes odours just as well. It is preferred by those who are looking for the effectiveness of a solid deodorant without fragrance. Our organic solid deodorants do not contain aluminium salts or endocrine disruptors.

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