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"I discovered Oil Lala when I arrived at oOlution and more recently Soap Rise Monoï, there is nothing to say! I love the texture of Oil Lala and the softness of Soap Rise... As for their fragrance, I'm melting! Both offer a fruity smell, I think I'm already on holiday. One thing is for sure: they will be in my suitcase in August! ”

anne-marie gabelica

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I've been looking for a 100% healthy AND effective deodorant for so long! Thank you for creating it - it's foolproof!

Jessica V.

Great products! For me, the Game Over serum is miraculous and I am extremely satisfied with it. It's the kind of product where you say, "OK, this is the one, this is the one, and I'm not changing it anymore!".

Clementine A.

Very good product! 100% natural, organic and very effective

Emmanuelle A.

I love the range of creams. They work miracles on my skin.

Marine P.

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The mission of a good sun protection? To effectively protect your skin from the sun's harmful effects. To do this, there is one criterion: its sun protection factor. Provided you choose it well... Should you always opt for the highest factor? What does a cream SPF50 sun protection factor add? Let's untangle the real from the fake.

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