Plump It

Organic Plumping face oil



15 mL


This blend of precious oils plumps the skin and gives it all the suppleness it needs while revealing its radiance.

Plumps - Firms - Brightens - Tones

  • oil
  • skin sensitive
  • all skin types
  • 15mL

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Oolution is

100% natural


100% made of


0% palm


sent back and


100% vegan and

cruelty free

Plump It contains 55 organic plants

This face oil is composed of 55 vegetable oils organic because 54 would not have been enough.

- See the list of ingredients

Using Plump It

Plump It can be used every day, alone or before your cream, preferably in the evening. After cleansing your face, apply 2 to 3 drops of the plumping oil with your fingertips all over your face and neck.

You can complete your routine with the application of Age Out anti-ageing care for a tenfold plumping action.

For a clean and clear skin in the evening, without drying out your skin or irritating it.

Step 1


To remove limestone residue from tap water, moisturize, soothe and purify the skin.

Step 2


To moisturize the eye contour and fight against wrinkles, dark shadows and puffiness.

Step 3

Eye Contour

For local or global treatment of stubborn imperfections or spots.

Step 4


Plump It is here
To moisturize the skin and provide it with what it needs according to skin type: regulation or radiance.

Step 5


Reviews of our clients

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Super moisturizer

Plump It is a real joy for my skin. Only 3 drops and as soon as I apply it I feel my skin relieved, deeply hydrated. It is still too early to tell if it has plumping effects. I keep it in the evening because its smell is quite strong.

I love it!

I love the smell and the beautiful skin it makes me! I use it every day mixed with my cream age out in the evening or wholeagain in the morning.

Very nice!

I've been using PlumpIt for a few months at night before going to bed without putting anything on it afterwards. The fact that it's non-greasy is perfect for not staining the sheets.
And besides, I like the way it smells!
I can't tell if my skin is visibly plumped, but I feel good afterwards. And considering my age (55), I also think that I'm doing it good!
This oil is a bit expensive, which made me hesitate, but in the end, as a few drops are enough, it lasts a bit long. That said, I put more than 2 drops anyway.
To be tested, I recommend it.

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