Organic facial cleansers and floral water

Taking care of your skin sometimes involves just a few key steps. The most important thing is to cleanse it thoroughly. Confronted daily to external pollution, make-up or the sun, your skin needs to be cleansed. Make-up needs to be removed, every day.

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The organic cleansing gel Gentle Angel cleanses the skin without damaging it because it does not contain sulphates. Extremely soft, it does not foam but cleanses the skin and prepares it to receive moisture. You can cleanse your face with an organic cleansing milk, ideal if you wear make-up every day or if your skin is sensitive to water. You can perfect your cleansing/make-up removal with a face lotion in the morning and in the evening. The floral water Flower Power gently cleanses the skin. Applied directly to the face, it purifies and soothes the skin. Our face lotion can also be applied after cleansing with the cleansing milk for extra softness and to prepare the skin for the rest of the skin care. If your water is hard, the face lotion soothes your skin and helps to reduce the discomfort associated with limescale.

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