Skin Diagnosis
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Take the quiz in only two minutes and receive all our specific advice to enhance the natural beauty of your skin!

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Why should you complete oOlution skin diagnosis ?

Your skin is unique and deserves to be cared for safely, in order to meet its needs and see positive results! To have beautiful skin and be sure to take good care of it, it is essential to know it well. This free skin diagnosis will allow you to better understand its needs and find effective skincare to better respond to them.

Created by Anne-Marie Gabelica, this quiz is very quick to complete and will reveal with certainty your skin type and its tendencies (dehydration, fragility, skin aging ...). Now that you know what your skin needs, you can safely choose the natural cosmetics that are really adapted to your skin. You will also receive a large number of simple and effective tips, to give your skin back its radiance :)

Do you want to give the face routine products  a try before buying the full size? That is what the mini-kits are for. The mini-kits are personalized according to your skin type. Not only it will allow you to discover our organic, safe, effective and ethical cosmetics, without any obligation, but they also are 100% refunded on the second order!

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