The most popular skin diagnosis in France!
Make the #1 diagnosis to reveal your skin's true needs. The result is real expert advice, tailored to your unique skin.

2 minutes top time to discover your skin type! Anne-Marie, our founder, will send you your personalised routine and advice specific to your skin.

Your results in brief:

- Your skin map
- Your daily essentials
- Your concerns in detail: where do they come from? which foods to choose? which active ingredients to use? how often and how to apply a skincare product ?
- Your tailor-made skin care prescription

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How to do a skin diagnosis with oOlution?

How to know what your skin type is? Your skin diagnosis for a care routine adapted to your skin

Don't wait any longer, make your skin diagnosis Your skin is unique and deserves to be taken care of in a safe, effective and personalized way! Dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, mature skin, normal skin, you are lost? Take the test! To have a beautiful skin and to be sure to take good care of it, it is essential to know it well. This is why it is essential to carry out your skin diagnosis! Your skin's needs can change depending on the season, your lifestyle and the period of your life. This free skin diagnosis will allow you to better understand the signs of your skin in order to better respond to its real needs by adapting your beauty routine.

Our skin diagnosis was created by Anne-Marie Gabelica with the aim of giving everyone access to a simple and effective tool to better understand the needs of our skin and how to deal with them.

How do you know what your skin type is?

The skin diagnosis oOlution is very quick to perform and will give you a clear picture of your skin type and its tendencies so that you can take care of it. Summer is coming to an end and you see imperfections appearing and your skin lacks moisture? Have you just blown out your candles and your first expression lines are showing around your eyes? Is your menstrual cycle and hormonal acne playing tricks on you? Winter temperatures are aggressive and your skin feels tight and creates sebum? Whether it's external aggressions or changes due to the period of your life, your skin's needs evolve and change, so it's important to adopt the right gestures and the right products to take care of it.

100% natural care for your skin

Nature is not lacking in resources: argan, jojoba, chamomile, cornflower, almond, aloe vera, shea, coconut, rose, lily... oOlution skincare products are full of active ingredients for a healthy glow and luminous skin! Our mission is to create the most complete formulas possible to truly meet the needs of all skin types. Each oOlution facial contains more than 65 organic botanical actives chosen for their beneficial properties. Each skin can draw from this unique variety what it needs, when it needs it. oOlution is above all the idea that there is no perfect plant offering a miraculous result on the skin. Only a community of natural active ingredients can offer each skin enough resources to maintain its natural balance and health, but also to enhance its beauty.

Find the right care for your skin with our diagnosis

Are you looking for a complete routine, a beauty prescription or a skincare product in particular to complete your needs? This skin diagnosis will allow you to choose from our wide range of products adapted to your skin type. Serum, make-up remover, facial cleansing gel, cleansing milks and oils, moisturizing care, cream face, vegetable oils, serum booster, floral water, local corrective care, masks... so many products to find your happiness. Your skin worries will be a thing of the past!

Whether you have dry skin, mature skin, combination skin or oily skin, this skin diagnosis will allow you to choose, without any risk of error, the natural cosmetics that are really adapted to your skin and your needs.

Is your skin prone to blemishes? To spots brown pigmentation? Is it fragile? Or even atopic? Does it lack elasticity? Is it dehydrated? Your complexion is dull? Your pores are dilated and with an excess of sebum, you seek a routine purity? Do you want to know how to do a perfect cleansing? Are you looking for a natural anti-aging routine? This skin diagnosis will allow you to find an adapted skin care routine to regain a smooth and soft skin texture. It's your personalized beauty prescription! You will also receive a large number of simple and efficient advices (food, hygiene...) to give back to your skin all its brightness :)

Test your skincare routine with our mini test kit

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