Organic combination to oily skin care

To take care of oily skin, it should not be stripped. Oily skin needs to be cleansed daily, but it should never be attacked. It also needs to be moisturized, but without being greasy, for a long-lasting regulating action.

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Caring for oily to combination skin

Combination to oily skin requires make-up removal and gentle cleansing with a non-foaming, sulfate-free cleansing gel such as Gentle Angel Cleansing Gel. It is often thought that oily skin needs to be cleansed with an aggressive product, only this action causes excessive sebum production and does not help regulate the skin. The skin care specific to oily skin regulates the production of sebum and prevents the occurrence of blemishes with our 100% natural ingredients.

After cleansing that does not irritate the skin, to avoid an overproduction of sebum in reaction, facial care for combination and oily skin helps to maintain good hydration without creating shine.

For complete management of oily skin, or if you have combination skin with regular blemishes, apply Game Over Anti-Imperfection Serum, which regulates and smoothes the complexion, while acting effectively to reduce acne scars. It can be applied alone or before your moisturizing cream , and corrects blemishes without damaging the skin.

The ideal care against excess sebum is a matifying cream like Check Matte that regulates and evens the complexion.

Locally on blemishes, you can use the anti-blemish corrector careblemishes Spot Off, it soothes inflammation and reduces the appearance of blemishes.

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