Game Over

Organic anti-blemish serum



30 mL

This serum purifies and rebalances the skin. It helps to correct imperfections and participates in the healing process of the skin.

Regulates- Purifies- Smoothes- Heals- Refines

  • sensitive skin
  • blemished skin
  • serum
30 mL
  • 30 mL
  • 10 mL

Frequency of purchase

One time only 39€
Subscription 30 mL only
-10% 35,10€

Why subscribe?

-10% off your lifetime care

Choose the frequency at which you would like to receive your favorite products. With the subscription, the sum will be automatically debited before dispatch. Choose the frequency that suits you better and as soon as one of the product is over, be assured that another one is coming!  Moreover, the oOlution team takes care of all the subscribers: exclusive offers, discounts, etc.


Oolution is

100% natural


100% made of


0% palm


sent back and


100% vegan and

cruelty free

Game Over contains 70 organic plants

The synergy of more than 70 organic ingredients acts on your skin and purifies it.

- See the list of ingredients

Using Game Over

Apply this serum before your cream moisturizer or alone, and let its ingredients do the rest ;)

To be applied locally or on all your face, it's up to you :)

For a clean and clear skin in the evening, without drying out your skin or irritating it.

Step 1


To remove limestone residue from tap water, moisturize, soothe and purify the skin.

Step 2


Game Over is here
For local or global treatment of stubborn imperfections or spots.

Step 3


To moisturize the skin and provide regulation, nutrition, anti-aging or radiance, depending on what your skin needs.

Step 4


To locally process blemishes or droughts.

Step 5

Localized care

Reviews from our clients

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Game over

Thanks to this cream I have the impression that my skin is clearer with fewer imperfections. The composition is perfect. I recommend it.


I saw a difference right away. Even skin tone, brighter. I'm very happy.

Very happy

I'm struggling to find what's right for my skin and I finally feel the difference with these treatments.
Moreover I am convinced by your values. Thank you
Alas I could not continue because every 2 months 100€ even in subscription it will not be possible.
Good continuation

Hello, Melody,
Thank you for your feedback :)
I am delighted that our products meet the needs of your skin and also your convictions.
We offer what is best for your skin, our products are highly concentrated in natural active ingredients, the diversity of these active ingredients makes it possible to meet all the needs of your skin. We do not use fillers.
In addition, we select quality raw materials, our products are made in France, they are vegan and palm oil free.
I understand your questioning, so I invite you to select the care that best meets the needs of your skin, according to your comment it is Game Over, a bottle is used between two and three months at a rate of one application per day.
I remain at your disposal,
Beautiful day,

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