Organic Face Serums

Our serums are concentrated care in multiples natural ingredients whose primary objective is to take care of your skin in depth. The serum can be applied alone or before the face cream, and is chosen according to your skin concerns.

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Choosing your organic face serum

Oily skin with imperfections will appreciate the face serum Game Over. This serum contains more than 70 organic plants with purifying and regulating actions. Apply this face serum before a moisturizer cream and the rest of the skin care in order to fight against imperfections. This face serum refines the skin texture and purifies it. It also acts on scars, especially acne scars. Light Up is a unifying face serum that can be applied to skin with pigmentary spots or to prevent future spots. It is suitable for sensitive skin as well because it does not aggress the skin, does not dry it either. The 70 organic vegetable ingredients unite themselves to unify the complexion and make the skin look more radiant. The antioxidant action of this anti-spots serum smoothes the skin and prevents the appearance of spots. You can use it to diminish the appearance of pigmentary spots but also to reduce acne scars.

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