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Have you ever tried applying oil to your face? Many of us are reluctant to use oils. Yet well chosen, that is to say, pure, vegetable, organic and first cold pressed, they regulate the skin, even oily skin. Non-comedogenic, they are natural care products that are pleasant to use and have a perfect affinity with the skin.

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A face oil is to be applied to clean skin, you can take this moment to massage your entire face to make the oil penetrate while stressing the muscles of the face. Plump It plumping oil contains a synergy of 55 organic vegetable oils first cold pressure with plumping and illuminating actions, including Argan oil and Baobab oil. It is appreciated by dull and stressed skin because it illuminates and tones the complexion. If you have oily skin with a tendency to have imperfections, and you are looking for a purifying action, Beat It is suitable for your skin. This purifying oil contains a synergy of 31 organic vegetable oils first cold pressed, including Hemp and Green Tea, recommended to purify and regulate the skin. Face oils are best applied in the evening, in small quantities, before your daily moisturizer. They are non-comedogenic and do not contain mineral oils. These oils are 100% natural and include plants selected for their targeted action. They respond to the problems of stressed, dull or problem skin.

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