Zero-waste accessories

Our zero-waste accessories make your skincare routine even cleaner. Apply your cleansing milk with a cleansing wipe. Then all you have to do is wash it and you can use it hundreds of times. The headband holds your hair in place while you apply your skincare products.

A zero-waste routine

Face accessories are an economical and efficient zero waste alternative to the disposable makeup removal pads we all know. The natural makeup removal wipes are made of cotton and hemp fibre which makes them soft and allows for gentle makeup removal. But you can also use them to apply your water, tonic or other skin care products. Once rinsed with warm water and machine washed at 40°, it can be used again. As for the organic skincare headband, it is made of bamboo fibre and keeps hair in place during your skincare routine. Soft and washable, you can use it many times. Our packaging is returnable, but for a truly zero-waste routine, we offer reusable accessories.

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