Nourish your skin as you nourish your body

The origin of oOlution is a simple observation: a balanced diet is not just a matter of eating!
We are used to hearing about a balanced diet, about eating in a diversified and healthy way for our health.
But what about the nutrition of our skin?

More than 150 plants for a balanced skin nutrition

We don't believe that a single ingredient can offer a miracle result! It would not occur to us to eat only carrots, right? We agree, carrots are delicious... but between deficiencies and frustrations, it would certainly not be good for our health.

The skin needs the same diversified nutritional intake, which is why we include more than 150 plants in our skincare products, so that all skin types can be nourished with the nutrients that really suit them at any given moment .

Let your skin choose what it needs

Each skin is different and does not react in the same way, nor in a systematic way, to different ingredients. If carrot essential oil suits you today, perhaps tomorrow your skin will have more affinity with lemon water to brighten your complexion?

Your skin does not have the same needs and the same small problems to treat every day. By offering it a diversity of 100% natural ingredients, it has all the cards in hand to shine throughout the seasons!

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