Cold saponified soaps

Skincare starts as soon as you shower, and our cold saponified soaps help. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, they cleanse and soften the skin.

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Which solid soap to choose?

Our cold saponified soaps are an ecological and economical alternative to shower gel as we all know it. Without packaging, it is your ally if you have opted for a zero-waste beauty routine. Our 4 organic solid soaps can be used in the shower, on wet skin. However, be sure to keep them in a dry place between uses, to keep them at their best, thanks to their bag for example. The Soap Rise fragrance-free soap is adapted to the most sensitive skins, which it will soothe and nourish. Its fragrance-free formulation is ideal for those who simply want an effective solid soap. Soap Rise also exists in a scented version with citrus notes. This scented solid soap is very pleasant to use and is suitable for all skin types, since its formulation is 100% natural. The organic superfatted soap Soap Rise does not dry out the skin. It gently cleanses, and is available with the Spring Break fragrance. A pleasant scent emanates from this organic soap, appreciated for its scent and effectiveness. As the festive season approaches, you can find the organic superfatted soap Santa Pause with a spicy scent to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit right from the shower.

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