raw oil synergy

Organic purifying vegetable oils



30 mL

This composition of 11 organic vegetable oils regulates and purifies the skin.

Regulator - Antioxidant - Anti-imperfections - Purifying

  • oil
  • all skin types

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Oolution is

100% natural


100% made of


0% palm


sent back and


100% vegan and

cruelty free

Organic purifying vegetable oils contains 12 organic plants

Its 12 organic plants boost your skincare for even more richness in ingredients.

- See the list of ingredients

Use of purifying vegetable oil

This composition can be used alone, added to a cream or in your homemade cosmetics.

Mix 2 to 3 drops in your hands if you wish to apply it alone or mix it with your skin care products.

Reviews from our clients

Customer Reviews

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Very good value for money

I use the purifying & regulating synergy every day to balance my combination skin. Pure or mixed with cream Glow up, it is perfect!

And one more hit.

This serum was meant for my 16 year old daughter but she didn't like the oily texture, she prefers the face cream Check Matte! Grandma got it back! Lol and to my great surprise, this serum conquered me even though it is made for oily skin! Definitely, Oo, you even manage to get me to adopt your vegetable oil serums when I've been making them myself for 15 years! I used it a lot this summer and I still use it because it was just perfect under Glow up or if in a hurry, directly in my cream dose! In spite of the heat waves, my skin remained matt! Just a perfect serum for mixed to normal skin, mature. Ideal in the summer, when the temperature rises. Plus, it nourishes the skin with high quality oils!


I use it every day when my skin is undergoing hormonal ups and downs, if not every other day. I had to learn how to apply it but the result is perfect: moisturized and no more pimples or blackheads, no oily feeling and a very discreet smell. I put very little on the forehead (just what's left on my hands after doing the rest of the face) which is an area that doesn't need to be moisturized and can therefore quickly become oily.

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