No Ray and Hello Sunshine, the first 100% plant-based protective products, 100% effective and harmless to our health and the planet

Protecting ourselves from the sun is essential for our health. However, the balance sheet of sunscreen products is more than heavy... On the one hand, chemical filters, suspected of being endocrine disruptors and carcinogens, are frequently allergenic and often cause intolerance to the sun... practical! On the other hand, mineral filters contain nanoparticles that inevitably pass the skin barrier and all the defence barriers of our body, which is unable to reject them...

Mineral filters, like chemical ones, also affect the environment, since thousands of tons of non-biodegradable sunscreens are dumped into the oceans every year... Deprived of UV rays, the micro-algae essential to corals die, taking them with them. And with the disappearance of coral reefs, hundreds of underwater species are threatened, and coastlines and their inhabitants are exposed to the risk of submersion. Finding a sunscreen product with no toxic effects on health and corals was therefore impossible.

So rather than choosing the lesser evil,
why not make the choice of tomorrow?

What if tomorrow we protected ourselves from the sun with a 100% vegetable filter?

Choosing the lesser evil has never been and will never be an option for oOlution. So we set ourselves the challenge of creating a sunscreen that is 100% effective and 100% safe for human and marine health. So after 4 years of research, tests and pitfalls... We succeeded: we created the first 100% vegetable sun filter that is truly environmentally friendly.

Nature does not lack resources, karanja, coconut, raspberry... We have selected no less than 49 plant extracts capable of effectively protecting our skin from UVA and UVB rays to create a purely plant-based sunscreen.

Controlled by the same laboratories as classic suncare products, our sun oil has obtained a protection index of 20 and our sun balm of 30. Hello Sunshine and No Ray are not sunscreen products in the sense defined by cosmetic regulations because they contain plant ingredients not yet recognized by health authorities as sunscreens. The molecules contained in our synergy of organic plants enable the sun's rays to be absorbed, just as the usual sun filters do. It is the same way of working from a physical point of view but without the risks associated with conventional filters because these filtering molecules have been naturally synthesized by plants to protect their DNA from UV. We have selected, assembled and concentrated them in such a way that they constitute our 100% plant-based sun filter.

That's it... A 100% natural and vegetal protection, vegan, not tested on animals, made in France and with returnable packaging exists!

Discover the first 2 100% natural and vegetal protective products.

Their filter is neither chemical nor nanoparticulate. Their filter is plant-based. We have created the first 100% plant-based protection products! With their sweet and flowery scent that reminds us of summer, our suncare products protect our skin while preserving the oceans.

Hello Sunshine

Hello Sunshine is the only sun oil with a 100% natural and vegetable formula. Tested in an independent and recognised laboratory, Hello Sunshine has an SPF 20, but Hello Sunshine is not a sun oil in the sense defined by cosmetic regulations because it contains plant ingredients not yet recognised by the health authorities as sun filters. Protected, your skin also benefits from the nourishing and repairing virtues of Hello Sunshine, whose delicious, water-resistant oily texture leaves no trace on the skin. Simply apply the oil to your body before exposure and reapply every two hours. Although it is water resistant, it is best to also apply it after swimming, once the skin is dry.

I protect myself

No Ray

No Ray is the first sun balm with a 100% natural and vegetal formula. It has obtained an SPF 30, but No Ray is not a sun balm in the sense defined by cosmetic regulations because it also contains plant ingredients not yet recognized by the health authorities as sun filters. Its creamy and generous texture provides natural, reliable and effective protection without leaving any white marks. Apply it to your body before exposure and reapply every two hours or after swimming. It is possible to swim after application because No Ray is water resistant and does not pollute the ocean.

I protect myself

Sunscreen regulation: an obstacle to innovation?

In France, the European regulation EC n°1223/2009, called "cosmetic regulation" is mandatory. It harmonizes the measurement of the effectiveness and the labeling of sunscreen products. Above all, it requires the inclusion of at least one ingredient from a list of 28 sunscreens: 2 natural mineral filters, 26 chemical filters. Laboratories must draw from this list to formulate any care product claiming a protective action against UV rays.

Otherwise, they cannot be marketed as sunscreen products in the EU. Even if an independent assessment demonstrates that the filter used is effective and meets all regulatory requirements. Not on the list? No, it is not!

The filters allowed by the Regulation have only sadly demonstrated their harmful consequences for our health and for the environment.

But in concrete terms, what does this mean for our Hello Sunshine and No Ray protective products?

Although they are controlled by the same laboratories as conventional suncare products and comply with SPF 20 and 30, the regulations prevent us from labelling our products as such.

Despite our deeply moral approach, but also the results obtained with SPF 20 and 30, the pack of our Hello Sunshine SPF 20 oil can only be labelled as "Protection oil" instead of "Sun protection oil SPF 20" and the pack of our No Ray SPF 30 balm, "Protection balm SPF 30".

Our formula costs 5x more to produce than conventional sun protections

Our specifications are very strict: we refuse to use toxic or chemical fillers, we are always 100% natural, palm oil free, made in France... and all this comes at a price. Without any concession on efficiency and quality, there can be no concession on the price, that's why our formula costs at least 5x more to produce than classic sun products. To keep the price reasonable and honest we have reduced our margin to the maximum. Our priority today is the health of our skin and the planet.

Of course our new products always respect our commitments: they are both 100% natural, made of organic or sustainably harvested ingredients, vegan, cruelty free, without palm oil, produced in France and you can send them back to us so that they can be refilled or reused.