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Faq Abonnement

Can I change my delivery address ?

Yes, it is possible to change your delivery address up until the day before your subscription's renewal. Do this by adding the desired address to your account and deleting the old address.


Up until when can I cancel my subscription's renewal ?

You can cancel your subscription up until a day before it is renewed. We will send you an email 3 days before your subscription is renewed to remind you !


Am I able to pause my subscription ?

This isn't possible at the moment, however you are able to delete your subscription and create a new one when you are ready :)


Can I change the frequency of my subscription ?

This isn't possible at the moment. We recommend that you cancel your current subscription and begin a new one with the frequency that suits you best.


What happens if I order with Chronopost ?

We do not deliver subscriptions with Chronopost. If you selected Chronopost when you created your account, we will send your first package with Chronopost. After that, we will deliver your packages via normal post.


The offered frequencies aren't suitable for me - what should I do ?

If you love your products, we recommend that you buy them in groups of 2 or 3 or even more ;)

If you want there to be a longer interval between your subscription deliveries, don't hesitate to let us know, but generally an interval longer than what we offer means a very limited use of our products !


I want to cancel my subscription renewal, but the payment has already been taken from account

Call us - if your package has not already been sent, we will find a solution !


Can I start a subscription if I live outside of France or in the DOM TOM?

At the moment, subscription is only available within the European Union, exlcluding DOM TOM. If you live outside the European Union or in the DOM TOM, send us a message, and we will find a solution !


What advantages do I get with subscription ?

By subscribing, you will get 10% off your product. On top of that, shipping costs will be free starting from your second delivery. To further thank you for your loyalty, you will recieve regular gifts and exclusive testers of new products !


Can I swap the product that I'm subscribed to for another one ?

Not anymore - we recommend that you cancel your subscription and to begin a new one with the product you want to subscribe to :)


How can I recieve my 2 (or more) subscriptions at the same time ?

Yes, you can subscribe to multiple products at the same time or subscribe to a second or third product if you already have a subscription with us ! To recieve your subscriptions together, subscribe to your new product just before the renewal of your original subscription, leaving a little note for us in the comments box, and we will join the 2 orders :) We will send you an email 3 days before your subscription is renewed to remind you :) Even if your subscriptions don't have the same frequency, it's always more ecological to send them together ! If you are subscribed to Glow Up every 2 months and Oil Right every 4 months, it is better to synchronize your orders :)


On what date will I be charged ?

You will be charged on the monthly "anniversary" of the day you subscribed. 3 days before you are charged, you will recieve a notification email.


How Long does delivery take ?

Delivery takes the same amount of time for subscription products as ordinary products and the renewal is posted on the same day if the order goes through before 2pm CET. If sent via the post, delivery takes 2-3 working days and 4-5 working days with Mondial Relay. If a product goes out of stock, subscribers will be given priority !