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Discover your skin type in 2 minutes

Your skin is unique and deserves to be looked after in a reliable, effective and personalized way ! To have beautiful skin and be sure that you'e taking good care of it, it's crucial to know what sort of skin you have. This free skin diagnosis quiz will allow you to understand your skin so as to be able to better fulfill its needs. Created by Anne-Marie Gabelica, this quiz is very quick to complete and will tell you your skin's type and tendancies (dehydrated etc.). This will help you to correctly choose the natural cosmetics that are best suited to your skin. You will also receive lots of simple and effective advice on how to give your skin back its glow :) We advise you to try a beauty trial kit that is 100% reimbursed. This kit that is personalized according to your skin type will allow you to discover our organic, reliable, effective and ethical cosmetics, commitment-free !



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Skin feels tight diagnosis picture
my skin feels tight ...
if i am not applying any face care
all day long
only after washing it

Dullness diagnosis picture
my complexion is...
dull at the moment
often dull

Skin shining diagnosis picture
my skin shines...
only on my forehead and nose
my whole face shines

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Imperfections diagnosis picture
i have imperfections ...
pimples and/or blackheads ...

Redness diagnosis picture
i have red spots...
more often and the redness is settling in

Fragility diagnosis picture
my skin shows signs of fragility ...
tingling, redness ...

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Wrinkles diagnosis picture
I have a few wrinkles (expression, around the eyes)
my wrinkles are more pronounced
I don't have any

Image firmness diagnosis picture
I feel my skin is less firm
my skin is young and very firm

Blemishes diagnosis picture
Spots ...
pregnancy and sun
I have a few spots
I have more and more spots
I don't have any

Eye contour care picture
Around my eyes...
I have dark circles
I have pockets
I have wrinkles
I have more pronounced wrinkles
all is well

I smoke diagnosis picture
I smoke...

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Use of skincare diagnosis picture
I use my cream...
once a day
twice daily
not every day

Cream last diagnosis picture
my cream lasts about...
less than 1 month
1 to 2 months
2 to 3 months
3 to 4 months
over 4 months

Face cleansing diagnosis picture
I cleanse my face/remove my makeup with...
Makeup removing milk
Makeup removing oil
Floral water or toner
Micellar water
Gel cleanser

Skin diagnosis picture
Woman / Man ?