The brand

Generous ingredients, audacious commitments

A small brand, yes, but with big ideas! At oOlution, we believe that we shouldn't have to choose between health, beauty and ecological impact.

Does it sound like a crazy challenge? The small team makes it its daily mission to offer skin care products that truly respect our skin and our planet.

We are uncompromising!

The Story behind oOlution

oOlution was born 10 years ago. Anne-Marie, who used to work for a large cosmetics group, got tired of creams based on obscure formulas and a handful of active ingredients supposed to do it all for everyone.

Determined to create a truly different kind of skincare, Anne-Marie decided to create the brand oOlution. Her goal was to create new formulas that are 100% natural, without false promises. A rich and unique diversity of plants, so that each skin can truly draw on the ingredients it needs.

Driven by her desire to do the best she can, Anne-Marie did not stop there, her wish being to have the best ecological and social impact. With the help of ADEME and specialized engineers, she has conducted an eco-design study on skin care oOlution, in order to limit their ecological impact, from formulation to packaging. This unique approach was rewarded by an award from the Minister of Ecology. All in all, it took her 3 years to reach her requirements and Glow Up was born :)

The founder

Anne-Marie's passion for natural care goes back to her childhood. She grew up in a family that values the relationship with nature. Her mother has always used natural remedies to treat everyday ailments. The benefits of vinegar, lemon or baking soda have never held any secrets for her!

After high school, Anne-Marie very naturally started studying biology and became an agronomist. She is particularly interested in organic agriculture, fascinated by ecosystems and their balance. She worked for 7 years in a large cosmetics group and started to believe that everything had to be improved: more safety for everyone's health, more real actions beneficial to the environment.

In 2015, she became a natural beauty and well-being expert for the TV show La Quotidienne on France 5. For 4 years she shared all her advice and tips for a healthier and more responsible life.

Now a mother of two young children, Anne-Marie is all the more aware of the positive impact that responsible entrepreneurship can have. At her level, she is determined to leave her children a more viable future in a fairer world.

Part 1

Our ingredients and formulas

More than 150 organic plants, for the wellbeing of your skin

A unique plant diversity

"If there's only one thing I've learned from my scientific studies, it's the principle that the more diverse an ecosystem is, the more balanced and stronger it is."

Everything started from this observation: in nature, it is the diversified ecosystems, very rich in species, that are the most stable and balanced.

oOlution has therefore created skincare that reflect this nature: skincare with up to 70 active plant ingredients. We don't believe that a single ingredient can offer a miracle result, but that only a wide variety of plants can enable each skin to get what it needs when it needs it and thus maintain its balance and natural beauty.

Each ingredient is carefully chosen and brings its own beneficial touch to the skincare. Discover the virtues of each plant directly on the product sheets.

100% natural formulas

A few words are better than a long speech.

Our formulas are 100% natural. We don't even leave a small 1 or 2% to fillers, toxins, mineral oils and other endocrine disruptors. Period.

Our ingredients

oOlution is a 100% natural brand which means that all the ingredients in our cosmetics come from plants, vegetable oils and vegetable butters. All the oils are extracted by first cold pressing on the same day they are harvested, which guarantees their quality. The hydrolats and essential oils come from organic farming, mostly from France. The essential oil of Ylang-Ylang, produced in Madagascar, comes from a sustainable forest harvest.


From the outset, we have chosen to use only plant-based ingredients. We have always wished to act with a deep respect for biodiversity, nature and animals. It has therefore always been obvious for us to formulate vegan skincare that are compatible with our principles.

Palm oil free

One of the battles of oOlution since its beginnings has been to prohibit the use of palm oil or its derivatives, despite their massive and systematic use in cosmetics.

The cultivation of palm oil is responsible for the destruction of the primary forest of Southeast Asia, leading to climate change and an irreversible loss of biodiversity. The cosmetics industry consumes 24% of this oil... It was therefore imperative for us to say no to palm oil.

We are very proud that this commitment has been rewarded with a Prize from the Ministry of Ecology as early as 2013... but the battle must continue!

Part 2

Our Commitments

Our suppliers

Promoting plants growing in France and support organic farming. A large majority of the aqueous and oily extracts present in our products, such as peppermint, come from the same producer. They are produced in Gap (South of France) and are of course from organic farming. Calendula for example, comes from wild and sustainable harvesting in France. For ingredients that do not come from France, such as coconut oil, oOlution makes sure that it comes from a group of family farms, without animal exploitation. Each ingredient is carefully chosen.

Made in France

Promoting French manufacturing means first and foremost ensuring the expertise of French producers and their commitment that is perfectly compatible with oOlution's philosophy. But it also means being able to trace the path of the ingredients and minimize the impact on the environment. The skincare products are made in France in laboratories approved by organic labels. Most of the packaging is also made in France, or never far away (Italy or Germany).

Our packaging - The deposit box

Our plastic packaging are reused or recycled. We made the choice to use glass only for a couple of products. Even if it seems more ecological, glass causes several major problems: its manufacture, its weight and its recycling, which is not ideal. Our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable (not mixed with metal) and can be returned to us in a T envelope for 1 year now. In a zero-waste approach, we have set up a system of reuse for our bottles via the deposit. This allows the packaging to be either refilled after being carefully cleaned and disinfected, or to be transformed (up-cycled), into garden furniture for example.

Other actions

Protection of primary forests

oOlution is committed to the Kalaweit association which fights against deforestation in Indonesia. Over the past 10 years, oOlution has preserved more than 10 hectares of forest in Borneo. Kalaweit is involved in the preservation of gibbons in Indonesia, the fight against animal trafficking and also works to raise awareness among local populations about the preservation of biodiversity.

Support people with disabilities

oOlution is committed to environmental activism, but is also committed to people. Our deposit system has integrated the ESAT association, which employs adults with disabilities in order to give them the opportunity to be reintegrated into professional life. The bottles that can be reused and that have been returned to us in the T envelope are then sent to the ESAT workers who clean and disinfect them before drying them so that they can be refilled.

Part 3

The to-do list: oOlution in the future

In its idealistic vision, oOlution still has plenty of ideas to improve the way we consume and produce cosmetics. Here are 3 of our goals for the years to come:

- To make it possible for customers to deposit the empty products in the retailers shops that sold our products. In order to go even further in our ambition to recycle and reuse.

- Develop the first truly responsible shampoo: 100% natural and palm oil free.

- Design 100% biodegradable packaging.