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Your hands are the first to be exposed when fall returns and temperatures drop. Our hand care products are developed to provide you with the comfort of nourished hands.

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Taking care of your hands

Hands are constantly solicited and assaulted. Wind, cold and repeated washing as well as the use of alcohol-based products help to dry the skin on your hands. Weakened, the skin pulls, becomes red, and can break. To avoid this, you can anticipate and take care of your hands on a daily basis. By applying a nourishing cream in the evening, or throughout the day when you feel the need, you protect your hands and prevent them from being damaged. The cream Happy Hands moisturizing hand moisturizer takes care of your hands without leaving an oily film. It is light yet nourishing and soothes the discomfort of dry hands. Loving Balm Repair Balm can be applied to dry areas of the body, and is also suitable for use as a hand repair balm. When they are really very dry and brittle, your hands need to be repaired by a skincare product nourishing and healing.

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