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The mini skincare kits and travel size discovery pouches contain the beauty essentials for your skin type. They allow you to create your ideal routine and test the products before buying them in large format. The mini-kits are 100% reimbursed:for the 1st purchase of a mini-kit, you will receive by email a promotional code of 19€ to use on your next order.

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The mini routines for the face

How to choose your mini-kit ?

Each mini-kit contains all the essentials for your 100% natural, organic and vegan beauty routine. The mini-kits have been designed to meet the different needs of your skin type. Whether you have normal to oily skin or normal to dry skin, your routine is adapted to you! After defining your skin type with our skin diagnosis, you can choose the mini-kit or the discovery pouch that suits you best.

Which face care kit for oily skin?

For oily skin, the Blemish Mini-Kit helps purify and regulate your skin from makeup removal to moisturizing. It contains the Check Matte matifying care, to be applied in the morning to reduce shine. 

Which face care kit for normal skin?

The normal skin mini-kit will allow you to choose your cleanser and your complementary care to the cream organic moisturizer Glow up.

Which face care kit for dry to fragile skin?

For dry to fragile skin, the dry skin mini kit contains products to gently cleanse, protect and soothe your skin, including the Whole again nourishing facial.

How to choose a travel size pouch?

Based on the same principle as the mini-kits, the travel formats are presented by skin type. For oily skin, the blemish kit matifies and heals your skin. You'll find the Game Over duo, a detoxifying serum, and Check Matte, the cream regulator. The radiance kit with the essential Gentle Angel and Glow Up for normal to combination skin. Say goodbye to dull skin with this radiant and moisturizing cocktail. For dry to fragile skin, the nourishing discovery kit is composed of a duo that protects and repairs. The cream Whole Again and the Loving Balm allow a total rehydration of your skin. Plumping and smoothing, the anti-aging kit will reduce marks and wrinkles thanks to the Light Up serum and its cream Age Out.

Whatever your skin type, it should never be attacked. The mini-kits and open pouches are made up of 100% natural products, with powerful and effective ingredients, which sublimate your skin while respecting it.

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