Organic vegetable oils

Vegetable oil compositions are ideal if you are looking for a blend of vegetable oils to apply to your skin, alone, to integrate into your cream home or to mix with your moisturizer. They complement the routine of organic oil or homemade skincare products enthusiasts with reusable glass bottles.

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Choosing your vegetable oil synergy

Organic vegetable oil compositions adapt to different skin types and skin problems in a more complete way than a simple oil. Each synergy is the result of a rigorous selection of about ten pure and organic vegetable oils, from first cold pressing. These compositions are cleverly integrated into your minimalist and zero-waste beauty routine. If you are looking for a purifying action, you can rely on the synergy of regulating and purifying organic vegetable oils. The synergy of nourishing and soothing organic vegetable oils is appreciated by dry skin looking for comfort. The action of these oils soothes and nourishes the skin. You can add this composition of oils to your daily moisturizer to make it richer and more effective. Throughout your life, your skin will have different needs and you may feel the urge to move towards a composition of oils that help maintain skin firmness and act against the skin's natural deficiencies as well as prevent wrinkles. The synergy of regenerating and replenishing organic vegetable oils has an antioxidant and anti-ageing action that helps fight against skin aging. If you are looking to bring radiance to your face and hydration, the synergy of organic illuminating and energizing plant oils is adapted to your skin. Suitable for all skin types, it can be applied alone on the skin or mixed with your daily moisturizer to increase its effectiveness tenfold.

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