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Whether you prefer to remove your make-up with an oil or a cleansing milk, you have the choice with our organic face make-up removers. Discover our rich make-up removal products filled with natural ingredients.

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Removing make-up from the skin

Makeup removal is an important step in your evening routine. It removes make-up and cleanses the skin of impurities accumulated during the day (pollution, dust...). As with other skin care products, you should prefer a make-up remover adapted to your skin type. Oil Right is a make-up remover oil that is suitable for all skin types. Its oil texture allows you to remove make-up, even waterproof, and rinses off easily without leaving an oily texture to the skin. Milky Way make-up remover milk is recommended for dry and sensitive skin. Its milk formula is easy to apply and gently removes make-up. This make-up remover for sensitive skin can be applied with a washable and reusable wipe. For more comfort, you can moisten the wipe before applying a small amount of the make-up remover. Milky Way can also be used as a simple face cleanser.

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