Summer: oO’s beauty tips

By the 04 September 2014

Modifié le 10 June 2020

Summer has started for many of you! And for the oO team… it’s soOn!

We thought we should share with you our summer beauty tricks! 😉


Anne-Marie’s trick against mosquitoes

Anne Marie : “To protect myself against mosquito bites I make my own mix of essential oils that I dilute in organic lavender water (1 volume of essential oil, 19 volumes of lavender water). My essential oils: Geranium, lemongrass and lavender. I apply it on my clothes on summer nights and also on my skin, to soothe the bites I unfortunately already have… There’s nothing better than anti-inflammatory active ingredients in essential lavender oil.”


Adèle’s trick to remove make up

Adèle : “I alternate jojoba oil, chestnut oil and Kalahari melon oil (organic of course) to remove my make-up and soothe my combination skin type!”


Caroline’s trick for a nice tan without burning

Caroline : “Even though my skin tans easily, I use SPF 50+ sunscreen, that protects agains UVA’s and UVB’s, so I won’t burn and prevent skin cancer. And at night: never without my Whole Again for my pink cheeks, no matter what I do ;)”


Raphaël’s trick for… men?

Raphaël insisted on giving us his trick: “I’ve stopped shaving, so I won’t irritate my cheeks and protect them from the sun! ;)”


There you are! Don’t hesitate, give us YOUR summer tricks! After all, we also want to know your beauty secrets:)


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