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How to make your own organic lip balm

By the 07 September 2018

Modifié le 26 June 2020

Lip balm has always been able to persuade us into buying for their ease of application, their nice scents, and their low prices. But despite their aim to nourish our lips with natural ingredients, the majority of lip balms are packed full of petrol derivatives, alcohols, silicone, polymer, emulsifiers, toxic ingredients, and questionable origins. To avoid having to choose between the thousands of lip balms out there, you can make your own! This easy DIY recipe will guarantee you a healthy, natural, and palm oil-free lip balm. We’ll give you our recipe and a little extra tip: rather than choosing just one or two plant oils, use our blend of nourishing and soothing plant oils that are organic, pure, and cold-pressed. In this blend, you’ll find 15 pure plant oils that have been chosen for there repairing, nourishing, protective, restructuring, and soothing properties.  

Homemade lip balm recipe:


1. In a bowl, mix 5g of melted almond or shea butter, and add 3ml of plum oil and 20 drops of the oil blend.


2. Add 1 drop of vitamin E and mix.


3. Pour the mixture into a pot and leave it to cool.


You can find our 4 organic plant oil blends here. They are all pure, cold-pressed, and perfect for this recipe. Nourishing and soothing, regenerating and revitalising, purifying and regulating, illuminating and energising, there’s one that responds to the specific needs of your skin.



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