Is SCI the key to organic shampoo?

By the 11 June 2020

So you’ve been persuaded: organic shampooing is the right move. For your hair, health, and the environment. Whether in solid or liquid format, you’ll be avoiding silicones, synthetic fragrances, and aggressive sulfate surfactants. A good start! But is it just a start? Unfortunately yes, have another look at the label. There’s a big chance you’ll find sodium cocoyl isethionate: SCI is a really common surfactant, used frequently in organic shampoos. But, unfortunately, it’s not so good for the planet…


How to rid your skin of aluminium salts

By the 17 March 2020

You’ve made a good decision: ridding your armpits of aluminium salts. You’ve even found your new natural deodorant (hint, hint, it’s called Keep Cool). Great idea! But the problem with aluminium salts is that they’re addictive. For our body and for our minds. Basically, although we know that they’re harmful, it’s not always easy to avoid them… Here are a few tips to help ease your transition from an antiperspirant to a natural deodorant.


How to choose the right bar of soap for you

By the 23 March 2020

Want to scrap all the bottles on the side of your bath in favour of a bar of soap which is more ecological, healthier, and better for your skin? Great idea! All of this is true… As long as you choose the right soap. And that’s not always easy: with the boom in popularity of Zero Waste movements, bars of soap are everywhere and it’s not always easy to tell which is good and which isn’t. Here’s our guide!