Pierre Rabhi

Pierre Rabhi, happiness is in the little things

By the 24 October 2013

Pierre Rabhi was one of these people that, without trying to be a leader or a model, is an example for all the people who crossed his path. A bright example of a fair life, exhilarating commitment and a happy rebellion.

He always traced his path with humility and perseverance. He constantly fought for a world of happy humans, living in a safe and sound environment. Humanism and earth or earth and humanism, those are his obsessions.

Pierre Rabhi is part of these philosophers that profoundly changed my existence and the ones of others, because he always knew how to ally his convictions and his actions. Every second of his life as a peasant from Ardèche, France, was an unwavering manifest of his deepest convictions.

If he became in the last years a public character whose voice is so respected and loved it’s because he successfully sowed change in our hearts. He sowed hope and disobedience without forgetting earthling pragmatism. This, while popularizing the Hummingbird legend, this bird that faced with a forest fire didn’t give up. No, the Hummingbird gets water from a river with his tiny beak to stop the fire. In front of the other animal’s inertia, the hummingbird replies that he is doing his share!

Pierre Rabhi shows us that as little as we feel, we are actually the rulers of the world and not its victimes. We aren’t only spectators of disastors but we have our part to play to create a futur we want. We all have our share of work, however little it may be.

To this awareness profoundly liberating that Pierre Rabhi gives to every human being searching for a meaning in life, this empowerment, he adds another idea profoundly subversive.

The totally revolutionary idea that happiness isn’t the result of an addition. The addition with which you always need more, do more, show more of this or that to be happy. No, for Pierre Rabhi happiness is the result of a substraction.

Less things in our lives, less accessories, less uselessness. We have to make room in our existence. We have to free our souls of these materialistic links that stop if from nourishing itself and truly being happy.

Yes, happiness according to Pierre Rabhi is an impertinent substration, a joyful desposession of the useless to greet what make us truly happy: the links between one another, the links with others, the link with earth.

By introducing this idea of a sober happiness, Pierre Rabhi reconciles what we thought irreconcilable. He offers an alternative to a sterile debate that opposes growth to decline, he places joy at the heart of a revolution that our world needs. He gives the keys to an existence where commitment for the good of all isn’t considered as a sacrifice anymore but is one of the safest roads to personal happiness.

Free of society’s excess of consumption/consolation, we are actors of change… for our biggest joy!

More in less, that is the incredible bonus of Pierre Rabhi’s thoughts… Yes, happiness is in the little things!

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