Top sellers

  • Glow up

    Essential detox/glow moisturizer!Makes my skin healthier, stronger and...

    27,50 €
  • Age out

    The anti-aging product that doesn't talk nonsense.Makes my skin more...

    35,83 €
  • Check matte

    Matifying for a smooth skin whatever comes its way!Makes your skin...

    28,33 €
  • Eye love

    A sparkling way of seeing life! Makes my eyes fresh and...

    29,17 €
  • Whole again

    Both a soft cocoon and anti-aggression shield!Makes my skin more...

    28,33 €
  • Trial kit
    Trial kit

    Get 4 5mL trial doses + a 15€ coupon code for your next order : Glow Up...

    15 €
  • Gentle angel
    Gentle angel

    Cleansing face wash with no sulfates (non-foaming)Cleans, purifies and...

    20 €
  • Oil right
    Oil right

    Removes waterproof make-up and mascaraDo not sting eyes26 pure...

    24,17 €
  • Flower power
    Flower power

    Organic toning floral waterHydrates, purifies and softens the...

    24,17 €
  • Milky way
    Milky way

    Very gentle organic cleansing milkGently removes make-up and cleanses...

    20 €
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What is the referral program?

It’s very easy… and everyone gets something out of it! 1. thanks to me, my loved ones discover a healthy and personalized way of taking care of themselves

2. I get a 5€ coupon for every person I refer that orders from oO

3. Every person I refer gets a 5€ coupon from me!

4. I can cumulate as many coupons as people referred – without a limited amount!

5. I can deduce the amount of my coupons from my order without a minimum required

6. I use my coupons whenever I want to because they never expire

7. And best of all, 2€ per person sponsored are invested into a micro-credit project for entrepreneur mommies. Ain’t that beautiful?!


How do I refer someone?

So the oOlution message has a snowball effect, there is nothing simpler!

In My account > Sponsor program > Sponsor my friends, I can invite my loved ones in different ways: - thanks to a referral link oOlution puts on your Facebook page – thanks to a personalized, coded link I can send to my friends or publish in forums, blogs …

- thanks to a questionnaire I can fill out with the names of the people I wish to invite and their email address.

Every time I order, I can also invite one or a few people at the end of the process.

oOlution never uses my friend’s personal information other than to send them my invitation


How do I track my invitations and my program?

oOlution takes care of everything and keeps you up to date!

Whatever way you chose to invite a friend, a referral program is automatically generated.

- you can follow your invitations from My account > Referral program. You can find the names of the friends you’ve invited, those who have accepted you as a sponsor by signing up and ordering a product, as well a s a few statistics on your program.

- your coupons can be obtained from My account > My rewards.

- when a person you’ve invited signs up on oOlution or orders for the first time, or cancels it, you are automatically informed by email. 


What about the friends I refer?

Very easy too!

When he or she signs up on the website after receiving your invitation, he or she gives your email address in the field designated at the end of the questionnaire. When he or she validates his or her order he or she will automatically get a 5€ coupon that he or she will be ale to use whenever he or she wants on a future order.

He or she will find the coupon in My account > My rewards.