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Where is my order?

The minute you order you can track it from your “My account” space, under “My orders”. Futhermore, oO keeps you informed by email every new step of the way of your order until its shipment.


How do I track my order ?

If you chose a home delivery (Colissilo suivi), a tracking number is attributed to your package when it is shipped out.

This tracking number is on the first page of your “My account” page under “My orders” and in your confirmation of shipment email.

By clicking on that number you will be directed to La Post website that will tell you were your package is.


How do I cancel an order?

You shouldn’t wait too long because we prepare order extremely fast once you have validated it! Call us at 09 83 71 34 74 monday to Fridays between 9am and 12.30pm and 2pm and 7pm (local call), or connect to your account and select “My orders”.

If your order hasn’t been shipped yet we will make the modifications you wish. Or else, you will have to go to details concerning my order which contains the product you wish to send back and follow the indicated procedure. Be careful, the order must be on a “delivered” status, if it isn’t and you have received your order, call us at 09 83 71 34 74 (local call) or by our contact page.


How can I order by phone?

If you would rather order by phone you can call us at 09 83 71 34 74 monday to Fridays between 9am and 12.30pm and 2pm and 7pm. You can pay your order by credit card or Paypal.


What is your return policy?

Retour : Si vous souhaitez nous retourner un soin, n'ayez aucune inquiétude.

1. Prévenez-nous au xxxxxxxxxxx du lundi au vendredi entre 9h-12h30 et 14h-18h30 ou par mail à ou en vous connectant à votre espace « Mon compte »

2. Retournez-nous ce soin, parfaitement intact et non utilisé, au plus tard dans les 7 jours suivant sa réception à :

oOlution, 81 avenue Gabriel Péri – 94170 Le Perreux.

3. Indiquez de façon apparente soit le numéro de votre commande et les références de votre e-mail de notification (jour et heure) soit votre numéro de retour.


Nous nous engageons à vous rembourser le soin par chèque dans les 30 jours suivant sa réception.

Si vous avez réglé votre commande par carte bancaire, le montant de votre commande sera re-crédité sur votre compte bancaire correspondant.

Si vous avez réglé votre commande par PayPal, le montant de votre commande sera re-crédité sur votre compte PayPal.
Si le soin est retourné du fait de notre responsabilité, nous vous remboursons aussi les frais d'envoi et de retour.


What are the deadlines and delivery rates ?

We prepare your order immediately after you validate your payment. We ship it the same day for Colissimo orders if you order is validated before 4p.m, and the next day for Mondial Relay orders. The transit time with Colissimo is of 3 business days and 5 business days with Mondial Relay.

The rates are of 5.90€ for home deliveries with Colissimo and 4.90€ with Mondial Relay. If you order for more than 80€, oOlution gives you a free delivery in Metroplitan France!

We carried out a comparative study on the ecological impacts associated to our different ways of delivery, in order for you to make an informed decision: the better the impact the more we give it :).

Furthermore, concerning CO2 emissions related to package shipments, we entirely compensate them with our reforestation project. 


Can I have my package delivered to another address ?

No worries, if you want to send an order to a friend or simply be delivered to another address: when you validate your order, enter another shipping address.


Can I withdraw my package directly from oO ?

It would be our pleasure!

If you're in the neighborhood (81 avenue Gabriel Péri – 94170 Le Perreux), we would be happy to welcome you with tea or coffee (without forgetting little cookies)!!!


Can I get delivered outside of France ?

If a transporter doesn’t appear when you make your order, it means that your country isn’t part of our delivery area. But, because nothing is impossible with oO, we can try to figure something out together, email us your shipping address at

We will then contact our transporters to ask them how we can deliver you and we will let you know as soon as possible!