The loOve gift card lets me spoil my loved ones by letting them get to know one or more oOlution skin care product, as they wish. 

How does it work?

1. On the loOve Card page, through the eshop (banner on top of the page) or by clicking here: LoOve card.

2. I select the amount I wish to put on it with the drop-down list.

3. I can personalize my card by adding a kind word that I save by clicking on "save".

4. I click on "I want it!"

Once my order is confirmed, oOlution sends me a loOve gift card, a PDF. I can also download it from my account. The card isn't named. It has a code for its user and my note if I wrote one when I bought it.
I can give it to whomever I want, in the way I want to: electronically, send it by mail or in person if I print it out.

How to use the loOve card?

The amount offered can be used on all the products, without a time limit.
For the user, its really easy: he/she chooses the product(s) they want, puts them in his/her basket and when it's time to check out, type in the code on the loOVe card in the "gift card" slot then click 'OK". 
If he/she doesn't use the amount on the gift card, shipment included, a coupon of the remaining amount will automatically be made in his/her name. He/she will be able to use this coupon whenever he/she wants on the website.

Other questions regarding the loOve card ? : FAQ loOve card.