Refer with SnoOw-ball, it roOcks!
(we couldn't help ourselves :D)


My 7 advantages in referring with SnoOw-ball

1. My loved ones can discover  a healthy and tailored way of taking care of themselves  
2.  I get a 5 € coupon for every person I refer who orders 
3.  Everyone I refer gets a 5€ coupon from me!  

4.  I can cumulate as many coupons as people I refer - without a limited amount! 

5. I can deduce from my order the amount of my coupons  with no minimum set  

6. I use my coupons whenever I want because  they never expire 

7. And best of all, for every person I refer,  2 € per person referred are invested into a micro-credit project for entrepreneur mommies 

Ain't all that nice?!!

Where and how do I invite my loved ones?

So oOlution's message has a snowball effect, there's nothing more simple!

1. In My account > Referral program > Refer a friend, I have different ways of inviting loved ones: 
- thanks to a refer link oOlution publishes on my Facebook page
- thanks to a personalized coded link that I can send to my friends or publish on a forum, blog...
- thanks to a questionnaire I fill out with the name of the people I wish to invite + their email address

2. Every time I order, I can invite loved ones at the end of my order.


SnwoOw-ball's ++

- oOlution never uses my friend's personal information other than to send them my invitation
- I can follow my invitations and statistics from My account / Referral program
- My coupons are in  My account / My rewards.

Any more questions on the SnoOw-ball referral program? : consult the FAQ Referral program.