Terms and conditions of Sale and Use of the site


The following provisions establish the terms and conditions of sale of the products sold on the website www.oolution.com by the company SEED TO SEED®.

We are the company SEED TO SEED® (hereafter referred to as “S2S”), LLC with a capital of €30,000, registered to the Register of Commerce and Companies of Créteil under the number 533 149 712, situated at 81 avenue Gabriel Péri 94170 Le Perreux-Sur-Marne. Our inter community VAT no. is FR 46533149712. S2S sells cosmetic products from the oOlution® brand (hereafter referred to as the “products”) to clients on this site (hereafter referred to as the “site”). You can contact us by email at coucou@oolution.com or by telephone on 09 83 71 34 74. The site is freely accessible to all those with internet access and is hosted by OVH whose head office is at 2 rue Kellermann - 59100 Roubaix - France and can be contacted by telephone on 09 72 10 72 10.

oOlution sells products and gift cards on the website www.oolution.com to consumers who have the necessary legal capacity to place an order. oOlution is not liable to verify the legal capacity of every client.

All the products available for sale on the website www.oolution.com are part of the oOlution range. We offer oOlution brand cosmetics and beauty advice. oOlution reserves the right to modify its collections and ranges of products at any time. The photos of our products on the site are not subject to contract. However, oOlution ensures that the photos and pictures give a true representation of the product and are not misleading, notably of the product’s size, weight or quality.

LoOve gift card
The loOve gift card helps your loved ones discover oOlution products. To buy a gift card, click on “Boutique”, “oOffer/discover”, and then “LoOve Gift Card”. You must then choose the value of the card from the drop-down list. You can also add a little note to your card that you can save by clicking “Save” before clicking “Add to basket”. Once the purchase is confirmed, oOlution will email the card to you as a file (acrobat reader). You can also download the card from “My account”. The card will not have a name on it, it only contains a code for the user and your little note if you chose to add one whilst purchasing the card. You can send your LoOve gift card in several different ways : by email, by post or by hand if you print it out. The value of the card can be used on all of the products available on the site and has no expiration date. The user of the card chooses their products, adds them to their basket and when they complete their purchase, they must enter their LoOve card code in the box labelled “LoOve gift card”, then they should simply click “OK”. If they do not use the entire value of the card (postage included), a voucher for the remaining sum will automatically be created in their name which they can use on the site whenever they want.

Amongst the services available on the site are :

- The Skin Diagnosis quiz that will tell you your skin type. The aim is to better understand your skin so you can meet its needs with appropriate products. This quiz, which will take you 2 minutes, allows you to better understand how your skin works and discover simple pieces of advice to give your skin back its glow. The quiz is made up of 15 closed questions. To take the skin diagnosis quiz, click on “Skin diagnosis”, answer the 15 questions and then click on “validate”. You will then have access to your skin diagnosis so you can understand your skin type and thus be able to better look after your skin. You will then be given product suggestions according to your skin type.

- The "Referral system" which allows you to help your friends discover the brand and gives you a €5 voucher for each referred friend who places an order. Every referred friend who places an order will also receive a voucher for €5. You receive as many vouchers as friends you refer that place an order and can use them without a minimum spend, when you want and with no expiry date.
To refer a friend, go to “My account”, “Referral programme”, “Refer my friends”.

You can refer your friends in several different ways :
- By an oOlution referral link that you can post to your facebook page.
- By a personalized code that you can send to your friends or publish in a forum or on a blog.
- By a form you can fill out with the name(s) of the friends you’d like to refer and their email address(es).

Every time you place an order you have the option to invite friends. oOlution will not use your friends’ details for anything other than sending them your invitation. You can follow your invitations and statistics in “My account”, “Referral programme”. The vouchers you earn can be found in “My account”, “My rewards”.

- The "My Account" area of the site. You must create an account to place an order. To find out more about the “My account” area, have a look at the “CUSTOMER SPACE” section.

- The opportunity to subscribe to products for an undetermined amount of time at the frequency of your choice. You will receive a reminder email at your chosen frequency that will contain a URL link to a summary of your renewal order that is pre-completed according to the products you have chosen. You can change your product preferences at any time before continuing with the renewal. No product is sent before you have paid the renewal payment. Because of this, Easy-goO avoids you forgetting your subscription and allows you to receive your favorite oOlution products at your chosen frequency in a more economical way.

You can stop your Easy-goO subscription at any point from the site’s “My account” section, or by not clicking on the URL link in your reminder email. Before every reminder, you can change the frequency of your subscription in the “My account” section of the site.

For logistical reasons, the subscription service is only available in mainland France, Corsica and Monaco. All subscriptions made outside of these zones will not be validated.

The current terms and conditions of sale (hereafter referred to as TCS) are written in French and English and are subject to French law. They are available from the site www.oolution.com under the heading “Terms and conditions of sale”. The current TCS define the rights and obligations that are applicable to the sale of of products or services from the site to any physical person who is not a retail trader, over the age of 18 and has their full legal capacity, by S2S who is defined as the publisher of the offer.

Before placing an order on our site you must read the TCS and accept them. To finalize the purchase you must confirm that you accept the TCS by ticking the box “I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions of sale”. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions you are not in a position to place an order or subscribe to our services.

Accepting the terms and conditions implies that the buyer is over the age of 18 and in full possession of their legal capacity to do so, or that they have the permission of a guardian or a trustee if they are under 18. Because of this, placing an order in any way implies that you have accepted the terms and conditions of sale.

You acknowledge the evidential value of the site publisher’s automatic registration system and, unless you provide evidence to the contrary, you waive your right to challenge them in the event of a dispute. Sales are subject to present terms and conditions of sale that prevail over all purchase conditions, except in the case of a formal and express derogation by the S2S company.

For information, advice or to lodge a complaint, you can contact our customer services by email 24/7. The contact form, available by clicking “contact us” also lets us answer your questions quickly. You can also reach our customer service by telephone on 09 83 71 34 74 from Monday-Friday from 09:30-12:30 and from 13:30-18:30 CET (price of a local call).

Via the website www.oolution.com: To order an oOlution product, you should select the product and add it to your basket by clicking on the “Add to basket” button. You also have the option of subscribing to an oOlution product. To subscribe to a product, click on the button “practical and economical subscription” then choose the frequency at which you’d like to receive a reminder email to trigger a renewal order of the product (from 3-16 weeks) before adding it to your basket.

You can access the details of your order at any time by clicking on “My basket”.On this page you will be able to see the products you have chosen and any free samples you may be entitled to. You can also change the quantity and type of products that you want, as well as see the individual prices and overall total of your order. You can delete one or several of the products from your basket at any point before purchase.

When you want to finalize your order, click on the button “Confirm my order” and make sure you have ticked the box to accept the terms and conditions. This will confirm your order and confirm that you have accepted the terms and conditions. You will then be taken to the login page where you should enter your email address and password if you have already created an account. If you do not already have an account you will need to create one by filling in your details. Please be aware and accept that entering your email address and password is proof of your identity.

Once you have been logged into your account or you’ve entered your details, you will be asked to check your billing and delivery address and carry out the online payment.

Online payment can be carried out with a bank card (Debit card, Visa, Mastercard), via your paypal account or by cheque. The bank account associated with the debit card will be charged on the day the order is posted by S2S. By clicking on the bank card of your choice, you are directed to our bank’s secure payment site which uses the SSL security standard. You must then enter your card number, expiration date and your CVC code (3 numbers on the back of the bank card). In this regard, please note that by entering your bank card details into S2S’s site you are giving us permission to debit your account for the products you have purchased. All of your bank details are then automatically transmitted to our bank’s electronic banking service in encrypted form (following SSL protocol) where they are verified to avoid abuse and fraud. All purchases made on the site are secure and protected. All of your encrypted bank details are automatically erased after payment is completed.

S2S reserves the right to cancel any order (1) of which the bank details show risk of card fraud when verified or (2) that is made by a client with whom there is a disagreement or an issue with payment for a previous order or that would contravene the provisions of the agreement. In this case S2S will inform the client by email or (3) when the IP address from the client is based in a different country from the billing or delivery address.

Once payment has been received by S2S, we will send you an email receipt within 24 hours. Within 2 working days we will send you an email confirmation of the order’s preparation, including all of the information about the products you have ordered, their delivery and how to exercise your right to cancellation. Once the order has been posted, we will send you an email confirmation also including the information above.

The details that are saved by S2S are proof of the nature, contents, date and method of payment for the order. This is archived by the S2S company and can be accessed by looking at your order history in your “My account” page on www.oolution.com or by contacting customer service.

Directly from the office, by telephone or by email: You can also place an order by visiting us directly for a session at the office (if you would like to organize a session with your friends, please contact us !), or by phoning in or by sending an email to coucou@oolution.com.

Subscription :  It’s possible to subscribe to a product at oOlution. If a product is available for Easy-goO subscription, you can choose this option by clicking on the “economical and practical subscription” button and then choosing the frequency at which you would like to receive your reminder email that will trigger a renewal order (between 3-16 weeks) before adding it to your basket and paying for your order.

You can cancel your subscription at any point in several ways :
- From your “My account” page online,
- By telephone at 09 83 71 34 74,
- By not clicking on the URL link in your reminder email and not confirming the renewal order in the 5 weeks after your reminder email.

Once your subscription is cancelled, any rewards that were acquired during subscription are lost.

Before each renewal delivery, you can change the frequency in your online “My account” space. Once you have received your reminder email, you can no longer change the frequency of your reminder emails or extend the deadline if it has already passed for the corresponding renewal order (the one to which the link in the email directs to).

You can modify your subscription without charge. You can change the quantity, frequency, type of payment and chosen transporter as many times as you want.

You can subscribe to different products at the same time. Each product is part of a distinct and independent Easy-goO subscription (you cannot have two separate subscriptions for the same product, you must instead modify your initial subscription).

When the date of your next Easy-goO delivery is approaching, you will receive a reminder email with 2 possibilities:
1. If you do not want to make any changes to your subscription(s) : Click on the URL link in the email. You will then be redirected to the summary page of your next Easy-goO order (pre-completed according to your previous product preferences). You can then choose your payment method pay securely.
2. If you want to change your subscription : Click on the link which will redirect you to the summary page of your next Easy-goO order. You can then make all the changes you want before confirming the order such as : adding more products, changing the frequency, changing your method of payment, choosing another transporter etc.

If you want to receive your Easy-goO delivery earlier than the planned date, you have two possibilities:
1. Go to “My account”, “My subscriptions” and click on the “pre-emptive delivery” button. Your next delivery will then be added to your basket (keeping the details the same if you had already filled them out) then you will be redirected to the order summary page where you can further modify your order.
2. Call us on 09 83 71 34 74 (from 09:30-12:30 and 13:30-18:30 CET Monday-Friday) for the price of a local call, to tell us your request. You will then receive an email containing a link that will let you proceed to payment.

oOlution Newsletter: by ticking the box you agree to receive a maximum of one email per week containing a newsletter about the oOlution brand. You can unsubscribe from it at any point by clicking on the unsubscription link in every email.

oOlution products are intended for your own personal use, without any direct link to your professional activity. Because of this, the sum of your products should not exceed the sum of €450 per order. You can also only order a maximum of 10 of the same products per order and you can only make one order per day. If an order is placed for a sum higher than the previously mentioned figure and / or with more than 10 of the same product, the order will be cancelled.

The price of products, subscriptions and delivery are the same as those that appear on the site, except in the event of obvious error. They are shown in euros (€), include VAT and are valid in mainland France, Corsica and Monaco. The price of the products does not include processing, postage or packaging that remain your responsibility and are invoiced at the end of the order process along with the products you’ve ordered. Product prices and delivery fees are subject to change at any time at any time, without warning, but any changes will not affect deliveries that have already been confirmed. The prices on the website are only valid on the day of the order and have no value in the future.

Promotional offers published on our site or that are sent to you by email if you are subscribed to our newsletter, are only valid for the indicated period (date and time) and only for one order per household. Some promotions are subject to the use of promo codes that are not cumulative or refundable. To use them, you must enter them in the promo code box when you confirm your order.

Payment must be carried out by bank card, Paypal account or cheque. We accept payments from Visa and Mastercard.

Payment by bank card will be subject to a security system (SSL encryption). The card will be charged on the day the order is posted and not when you confirm the order. The order is subject to transaction validation by the relevant payment centres. If it is not validated the order will not go through. If your order is refused by the relevant payment centres, the S2S company reserves the right to suspend the corresponding order. You will be informed of this by email or telephone and should make contact with your bank and our customer service to unblock the transaction.

Regardless of the cause, S2S reserves the right to cancel all orders or deliveries if (1) they exceed the maximums indicated in the “PERSONAL USE” section above, (2) there is an existing disagreement with the customer, (3) there is an incident of non or partial payment by the client, (4) your card payment is refused by your bank (5) in case of non or partial payment. S2S cannot accept any responsibility in these cases.

Delivery: deliveries are made to the address you gave when you placed the order, excluding hotels and PO boxes, and are charged to you. Deliveries are carried out, according to your choice, by tracked delivery via the postal service, by MONDIAL RELAY or are picked up directly from the S2S head office.

Every order placed on a working day (Monday-Friday) before 14:00 CET will be prepared and sent on the same day via the postal service as long as the payment is validated. When an order is placed after 14:00 CET or on a non-working day, we will prepare and send the order on the next working day.

All orders placed on a working day (Tuesday-Friday) before 14:00 will be prepared and sent on the same day with Mondial Relay, as long as payment is confirmed. If an order is placed after 14:00 on a Friday, it will be posted the following Tuesday via Mondial Relay. If an order is placed on a non-working day, it will be prepared and posted on the next working day.

To make sure your order is delivered according to these delivery times, ensure you have provided the exact and complete information for the delivery address. (Street no., building, access code, name and / or interphone number).

Delivery will be considered made :
- when you receive the products or when the postal service provides a delivery notice. If there is an error in the wording of the delivery address, S2S will not be held responsible if it is not possible to deliver the order.
- When the order is delivered to the Mondial Relay collection point.

If you have chosen home delivery and are absent at the delivery time or it’s not possible to deliver the order, a notice will be left in your letter box. You will then have 15 days to collect your parcel from the post office indicated on the notice you were left. Delivery time is usually 2-3 working days via the postal system.

Any additional deliveries that are made for an order containing unavailable products will not incur any additional costs for the delivery of the missing products.

Delivery time: orders are prepared and posted within one working day as long as payment is accepted and that the chosen products are available, assuming there are no exceptional circumstances. You will be informed when your order is posted by a postage confirmation email. Your order will be delivered by the transporter that you chose from S2S’s options when you placed your order, and will be delivered according to the specific delivery times of your country. Certain products or order sizes can cause a further delay in delivery time, but you will be made aware of this when your order is confirmed.

Delay: delivery will take place no later than 30 days after you place your order, in accordance with article L. 138-1 of the French consumer code. Exceedance of delivery times doesn’t in any case constitute a legitimate or acceptable cause of refusal of delivery, requesting a product refund, requesting a refund of delivery costs, nor for action for damages of any kind. However, if 30 days after you placed your order you still have not received the parcel, for any other reason than unforeseeable circumstances, the sale can be cancelled by the request of either parties. You will then be able to obtain a refund for the products you bought to the exclusion of all other compensation.

Late delivery can occur in these following cases:
- Validation of the order: in order to protect our customers from card fraud or, all orders undergo verification. For all orders that have a value that exceeds the maximum set by S2S, a form of ID and proof of address need to be sent to us via email or post. In the absence of these supporting documents that are necessary to validate the order, the order will be considered cancelled 8 days after the order was placed.
- Availability: we try to make you aware of product availability as precisely as possible, however the availabilities that are published on the site should be taken as an estimate and do not serve as a contractual engagement. Delivery times for products that are being restocked are subject to change without warning.
- Order cancellation: except in the case that you have given your explicit agreement by phone or by email, if your order has not been delivered 30 days after it was originally placed, you will be informed as quickly as possible if delivery will not be possible. The order will then be considered cancelled and you will be refunded by bank transfer in euros in a maximum of 14 days.

The S2S company cannot in any case take responsibility in the case of late delivery for any of the reasons mentioned above. As a result, no requests for compensation following late delivery can be granted.

Missing or defective products:

despite all of the care that S2S takes in the preparation of parcels, it’s possible for a product to be missing. It is also possible that during transportation or delivery a product can be damaged.

When you receive your parcel, it is your responsibility to check that the products that you have received match your order and are not defective. Any issue concerning the delivery of the parcel (missing or broken product, damaged parcel) should be pointed out to us as soon as possible via our email address coucou@oolution.com or by telephone on 09 83 71 34 74 from Monday to Friday between 09:30-12:30 and 13:30-18:30 CET by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt within 7 days of delivery. After this period of time, all claims will be rejected and S2S will be cleared of all responsibility. S2S reserves the right to ask the client to return the defective product.

If the above conditions are met and the defective product is returned to us, the product will be checked for defects and then exchanged, refunded or the missing product will be sent to you (subject to the legitimacy of the request). You will be notified of any refunds via email within 5 working days maximum. If you have returned a defective product, we will reimburse you for all your costs, namely the price of the defective product, and if applicable, the initial delivery fees as well as the cost of the return (only by written request) no later than 14 days after notification of the defective product and receipt by us of the product or proof of its dispatch;

S2S will contact you to keep you informed of the follow-up of your request.

Complaints linked to transport: any issues linked to the transport of the products should be indicated on the delivery receipt in the presence of the delivery man, then confirmed by the transporter and S2S by registered letter with an acknowledgement of receipt within 3 clear days of receipt of the parcel subject to the debarment of complaints about damage or failure to deliver. If this is not done, S2S is no longer liable and no damage claim can be considered.

Loss :if your parcel is lost, you must let us know that you have not received it by email at coucou@oolution.com. We will contact the transporter to find out what happened to your parcel, this will take a minimum of 15 days. During this period, no refund or resending of your parcel can be made. Once the transporter has confirmed the loss of your parcel, you will receive a refund for your order by bank transfer in euros within 30 days of confirmation from the transporter, or resending of the parcel if you so choose.

Wrong address: it is your responsibility to ensure that the details you enter in the order process are correct, particularly the delivery address. If there is an error in your delivery address, the parcel will be returned to us with the note NPAI (recipient not at listed address). If this is the case, you will be reimbursed for the entirety of the invoiced cost of your product, not including the cost of initial delivery.

From the day you receive your order or subscription, you have 14 days to clear days to request an exchange (subject to availability) or to return the parcel to us at your own cost and request a refund if we receive the returned parcel no later than 14 days from the date you decided to retract your order.

Cosmetics products that have been opened cannot be returned or exchanged. A product is considered opened if the pump has been primed, meaning the product has risen to the top of the pump and has been deposited in the nozzle ready to use. Returned products must be intact, in their original packaging, without modification or alteration and complete (product card, packaging, wrapping etc).

To exercise your right to retract your order you must:
(1) notify us:
- by email at coucou@oolution.com
- or by sending us a completed standard withdrawal form
- or by logging into your account, clicking on “My account”, “Order history and details” then clicking on the order containing the product you would like to return. Choose the box “order reference” then click on “+” and “detail” to make all the information relative to your order appear. Go to the bottom of the page to the section titled “MERCHANDISE RETURN” and click on “Generate a return”. Once you have received the pdf acrobat file in your “My merchandise returns” page, the status of your return will go from “awaiting confirmation” to “awaiting parcel”. This file will contain all the information you will need about your return. Once we have received your return, your return’s status will change to “parcel received”. If the product is in its original state, the status will be updated to “return completed”. If your return is rejected, the status will become “ return refused”. If your return is accepted, you will be refunded within 14 days by any method that is available to us.

(2) return the parcel with all the products in their original packaging and / or original condition in a perfect state (not used, damaged or dirty etc.) and complete with its product card, addressed to the S2S company.

(3) marking your order number and email notification references (date and time) very clearly in your return.

If the previously mentioned conditions are fulfilled, we will refund you the entirety of what you paid regarding your order, except where applicable, the fees and risks of the return of the parcel and possibly the fees related to the purchase of a gift pouch, which remain your responsibility.

If however these conditions are not met, we reserve the right to reject a parcel return.

It’s important to understand that cosmetics products that are “open” cannot be returned or exchanged. A product is considered opened if the pump has been primed, meaning the product has risen to the top of the pump and has been deposited in the nozzle ready to use. Returned products must be intact, in their original packaging, without modification or alteration and complete (product card, packaging, wrapping etc).

If a product is returned in an unacceptable state, S2S reserves the right to request financial compensation if the damage has been caused by handling other than that which is necessary to verify the characteristics of the product and that it works properly.

The details of your right to cancellation and how to exercise it are given to you in your order confirmation email. This provision does not affect your other rights as a consumer.

The refund will be made in the same way as the original payment was made unless otherwise stipulated by you, within a maximum of 14 clear days of the decision to cancel the order and the receipt of the parcel by us.

By placing an order, you guarantee that you are legally authorized to enter into contracts and more generally binding legal acts : if you subscribe to an Easy-goO subscription, you guarantee that you are a permanent resident of mainland France or Corsica; that you are familiar with and fully aware of the characteristics of the internet and its usage, notably limitations linked to technical performance and the risks associated with the security of communications. Therefore, the S2S company does not guarantee that the site is exempt of anomalies, error or bugs, nor that the site functions without failure or interruption. The S2S company reserves the right to freely determine the period of unavailability of the site or one of its pages, for technical reasons or for modification of to its contents or design.

The creation of an account is a prerequisite for all orders on the site. To do this, you are invited to enter your personal details. You are required to enter correct details otherwise S2S can terminate the contract and delete your account.

Some of these details are deemed essential to the conclusion of a contract, to the creation of a customer account and to the confirmation of an order. Refusing to enter these details will interrupt the creation of your account and thus the validation of your order.

Your customer account allows you to see all of the orders you have placed on the site, to follow their delivery, to let us know you are returning a parcel or to modify or cancel your subscription. If the details kept in your account disappear as a result of an accident, a technical fault or unforeseeable circumstances, S2S can not be held responsible, this information having no probative value, but only an informative nature. The S2S company is obliged to securely conserve all the contractual elements that are required by regulation. The customer account page allows you to effectively manage your orders, and are freely available to print by the owner of the account but since they are purely informative, they have no value as proof. When you create a customer account, you are invited to choose a password. This password guarantees the confidentiality of the information kept in the “My account” page and so it is forbidden to communicate this password to a third party. Failing that, S2S cannot be held responsible for non-authorized access to your account. S2S reserves the exclusive right to delete the accounts of any customer who breaks the terms and conditions or accounts that have been inactive for at least a year. The deletion of an account will not entitle the customer to any compensation. This exclusion does not prevent S2S from taking possible legal action against a customer, when it is justified. To find out more about our privacy policy : see our page Policy of Protection of Personal Details.

S2S has the only licence for the brand oOlution, which is regularly filed with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), WIPO and OMHI. You are aware of our exclusive rights to the oOlution brand and are forbidden from making any use of it and more generally from infringing on the intellectual property rights of oOlution. S2S reserves the right to request compensation and interest in case of counterfeiting and more generally infringements on our intellectual property rights.

S2S is the owner of all of the intellectual property rights relative to the oOlution brand and site contents, notably text, images, graphic charter, information, photographs, sounds, videos, applications, logos, designation, structure of pages, tabs and features (hereafter referred to as “site contents”).

Subject to your acceptance and respect of these Terms and Conditions, the S2S company grants you the right to free, personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable access and usage of the site. Without our prior written consent, all other rights are expressly excluded.

All total or partial reproduction in particular for advertising or commercial purposes, as well as all adaptations, modifications, transmission, copies, redistribution and / or exploitation on any medium and by any means whatsoever of all or part of the site’s contents is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorized in writing by S2S.

You are not authorized to modify, translate, reassemble or create one or several pieces of work from part or all of the site’s contents, unless this opportunity has been expressly granted to you by S2S.

Likewise, any setting up of hypertext links to the site without our express permission is formally prohibited. Any infringing use of the site or any of its contents will be subject to legal recourse to protect the rights of S2S.

You are invited to contribute to the site’s contents by leaving comments, suggestions and your opinions as well as a voting system (hereafter referred to as the “contributions”).

All your contributions, whatever form they may be, will be subject to validation by S2S as publisher of the site.

The stars that appear beside the products represent the average score, at any given time, given by those who have left their opinion of the product on the site via the “Give your opinion” button. The number of stars each product has is therefore subject to change every day.

By using the site you agree without any limit or reservation to:
- not affect the peaceful enjoyment of the site by other members.
- do not use any of the interfaces made available to you by the publisher to make statements that are racist, contrary to public order, impolite or that violate any enforced legislative or regulatory provision.
- respect the rights of third parties.
- respect all the enforced legislative and regulatory provisions.

Your use of the site is entirely your responsibility.You are in any case responsible for the information in your personal customer account, the contributions you leave on the site and more generally in connection with the use of services and answer to the relevant courts.

Your contributions in connection with the use of the site remain your property. At the same time, subject to current legal provisions, you authorize S2S, for the whole world or exclusively, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, pass on and make use of your contributions on all known and unknown media to date, freely and without restriction for the entire duration of the rights of intellectual property protecting, where applicable, these contributions.

Any breach of these General Conditions of Sale that has caused damage or has constituted a violation of regulatory or legislative provisions may be prosecuted directly against its author, thus absolving the publisher of the site of any responsibility in this matter.

In addition to the elements usually used in French case law, the obligations of S2S will be automatically suspended in the event of an incident that is outside of our control (unforeseeable circumstances), which will disrupt the normal execution of the contract.

We define unforeseeable circumstances as any act, event or non-event, omission or accident outside of our control, notably but not limited to : a strike, fire, an explosion, a natural disaster, an epidemic, the inability to use public or private transport, computer failure etc.

These unforeseeable circumstances suspend S2S’s obligations, cited in the present Terms and Conditions, for the duration of their occurence. Thus, the suspension of obligations cannot in any case cause liability for non-execution of obligations, nor induce payment for damages or penalties for delay.

S2S noting the event, will inform you as soon as possible of the impossibility of us carrying out our services. As soon as the unforeseeable circumstance that has prevented us from meeting obligations is resolved, we will inform you that we have carried on our services again.

Conforming to current regulations, our products benefit from:

- the legal guarantee of conformity (articles L. 211-4 and following the French consumer code)
- the legal guarantee against hidden defects that originate from a fault in materials, a design fault or manufacturing faults which render the products unsuitable for use (articles 1641 and following the French Civil Code)

Any product return made due to the aforementioned guarantee must be subject to a prior written agreement made by the S2S company. To do this, you can get in touch with our customer service by expressing your concern in an email.

The defective product must be returned in its original packaging along with the return number sent to you by customer services. All the fees and risks related to the return of the product are your responsibility. Shipping fees will be refunded based on a single package or tracking letter (upon approval) if the return takes place in the first 6 months after purchase. Beyond this, shipping fees will also be your responsibility.

Our products conform to current regulations in France. It is not our responsibility if they do not conform to the legislation of a country other than France.

The photographs, images and descriptions on our site are as honest as possible. However, they only have an indicative value and are non-contractual. Therefore, we cannot be held responsible if there are differences between the delivered product and the image on the site.

You are responsible for the choice, preservation and usage of your products. This means it is your responsibility to find out, before you order, the composition of the products and how to use them ; this information is all on our site.

We cannot be held responsible for an incorrect choice or incorrect usage of our products.

In addition to this, in the event of the implementation of our contractual liability, our obligation to compensate will be capped at the incl. taxes price of the disputed order.

oOlution collects and processes clients’ personal information in computerized form as part of order management and other purposes detailed in our Personal Details Protection Policy. The client has a right to access, rectify, delete, limit and change the portability of their personal information as well as the right to object and withdraw consent at any point, notably concerning the reception of personalized offers. You can contact us by email at coucou@oolution.com or by letter to the following address : SEED TO SEED® - oOlution, 81 Avenue Gabriel Péri - 94170 Le Perreux-Sur-Marne - France. For more information on the treatment of clients’ personal information and client rights, we invite you to consult our Personal Details Protection Policy.

In order to improve the performance of the site and the use you make of it, oOlution can use audience measurement and navigation following tools (such as cookies, markers (“tags”), etc.). For more information on these tools see our Cookies Charter.

By using the site, you accept that our exchanges are principally electronic and that they will serve as proof between the parties within the meaning of article 1316-3 of the French Civil Code. We will contact you by email or through publications on our website. You accept these methods of electronic communication and recognize all these contracts, notifications and information that we give you in electronic format conform with all legal requirements. This does not affect your rights as a consumer. It is understood between the two parties that this clause is an independent agreement of proof according to article 1316-2 of the French Civil Code.

All required notifications should be sent to S2S at the email address : coucou@oolution.

The photographs and texts illustrating products do not enter the contractual field. If the photographs and / or texts show an error, S2S cannot be held responsible.

We will only be able to fulfill the obligations of the contract once we have received full payment of all costs, including shipping fees.

You must verify the completeness and correctness of the information you supply to S2S when you place an order. S2S cannot take responsibility for any possible errors in the entering of personal details and any consequences that arise as a result.

The products that we deliver to you as part of an order made on the site become your responsibility starting from the delivery date.

If the parcel delivered to you is visibly damaged, it’s your responsibility to refuse it in order to benefit from the guarantee offered by the transporter. You must inform us as soon as possible (see “RETURNS” article), so that a new parcel can be sent to you when the damaged parcel has been returned.

If you are unable to access the site due to technical problems or for any other reason, you will not be able to claim any compensation.

We try to describe our products’ characteristics as accurately as possible on the site. However, if despite our efforts there are unintentional errors or omissions relating to the information on the site that have occurred or are the result of a fraudulent intrusion by a third party, we cannot be held responsible.

You are solely responsible for the consequences of any damage caused by third party use of your password, email address, confidential code(s) and the communication of any information that you have made accessible.

The unavailability of one or several products, even for a prolonged period of time and without any time indicator shall not give rise to the award of damages.

It is the responsibility of each person logged into the site to take all the appropriate measures to protect their own personal information / computer software against any infringement. All clients log into their site at their own risk.

The site is generally accessible 24/7, except for interruption (planned or not), for maintenance or unforeseeable circumstances. Being subject to an obligation of means, S2S can not be held responsible for any damages, of any kind, resulting from the unavailability of the site.

Certain links present on the site send you to other third party sites and we cannot be held responsible if their content does not comply with current legislation. We also cannot be held responsible if your visit to one of these sites causes you any damage.

S2S is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by an interruption, a dysfunction of any kind or any direct or indirect damage of any kind, caused by visiting the site.

In this way, you guarantee S2S against any recourse or complaint with the aforementioned elements in particular and without limitation, those that would call into question the use of the services offered on the site.

The S2S company reserves the right to modify the current terms and conditions at any point. The terms and conditions that are applicable to you are the ones that are in force on the day you place your order or open your account on the site. We recommend that you regularly consult the “Terms and Conditions” page in order to keep yourself informed of any possible changes. We work hard to preserve all old terms and conditions so we can share with with anyone who wants access to them.

The fact that the S2S company does not require the execution of one of the provisions referred to in present terms and conditions, will in no case entail the wavering of the rest of the general conditions.

If one of the provisions referred to in the present terms and conditions is entirely or partially null, it shall be deemed to be unwritten. The other provisions and the other rights and obligations in the Terms and Conditions will remain unchanged and stays applicable.

All cases of usage not foreseen by the terms and conditions will be settled by S2S, of which the decision will not be subject to appeal.

The present terms and conditions and the order summary that will be sent to you form a contractual framework and constitute the totality of our contractual relations. If there is a contradiction between these documents, the terms and conditions of sale will prevail.

The present terms and conditions are governed by French law.

For any difficulty, question or complaint associated with an order, the client can contact customer services. In the event of a dispute, we will try and find an amicable solution before any legal action.

Any dispute that may arise between the two parties as a result of the formation, the interpretation and / or execution of this agreement shall, in the absence of an amicable settlement, fall within the exclusive jurisdiction of the French courts.

Last updated : 06/14/2018