Cookies Charter

This charter details the policy of SEED TO SEED - oOlution, situated at 81 avenue Gabriel Péri 94170, Le Perreux-sur-Marne, France, for cookies on the oOlution website that is accessible:
- by internet at the address;
- in the form of a mobile app on iPhone, Android and other smartphones / tablets : hereafter referred to as the “site”.

When you connect to the site, subject to the settings of the web browser used when you first visited the site, various text files called “cookies” or other similar “web beacon” technologies can be automatically installed. They may also be temporarily preserved (13 months maximum) in your computer’s memory or hard drive, to improve your experience on our site and to offer you suitable offers and services. These cookies are used after you’ve given your consent or when you continue to use the site by continuing on to another page on the website. This current cookies charter aims to provide you with all the the necessary information concerning the cookies used on our site and the ways in which you can manage them according to your preferences. For more information on how the oOlution site processes your information, we advise that you consult oOlution’s Data Protection Policy available here :

Introduction. Definition of a cookie

A cookie is a small text file that is saved and / or read by your browser, on the hard drive of your device (PC, laptop or smartphone etc.) that is deposited by the websites that you visit. Nearly all websites use cookies to function properly and optimize the ergonomics of their functionality. Cookies also make your visits to different websites more secure and quicker, as they can remember your preferences by resending the information that they contain to the original site (internal cookie) or to another site that they belong to (third party cookie), when you visit the site again from the same device.

1. Information on the cookies on the site

Depending on how they work and the aim of their use, cookies are classed among the categories below and used by oOlution on this site.

Cookies are essential to browse the site and profit from all of its features. They are essential for the functioning of the website and necessary to browse our site, use our services, for the administration of the system, to prevent acts of fraud and to maintain your connection from one page to another or so that we can remember that you have added an item to your basket. These cookies cannot be deactivated as our site does not function properly without them, the aim being to improve and simplify your user experience.

These cookies allow us to:
- Adapt the presentation of our site to your display preferences (display resolution, operating system that it uses etc.), according to the visualization and reading hardware and software of your device. We are therefore likely to collect your IP address and browser type.
- To remember some of your choices (language, username, country etc.) in order to simplify and improve your use of the site. They also allow us to save information that you fill out on our site (registration, access to your account, skin diagnosis) and about products, services and information that you have chosen from our site (recommended products based on your skin diagnosis, contents of your online basket etc.). Cookies are used to give you an experience that is more tailored to your choices, and to personalize and improve your visits to our site. These cookies cannot save information about your visits to other websites outside of oOlution’s platform.

The information collected with the help of these technologies helps to identify you personally, e.g. login details. Cookies allow you to access reserved and personal areas of the site, such as your account, thanks to login details or data that you have previously entrusted to us.

Note : If you change the settings of your browser to refuse cookies, some parts of our site will not function as effectively, and there will be some parts of the site you will not be able to use at all.

These cookies help us to improve the comfort and quality of your visits to our site by helping us to better understand our users. We are therefore able to see how many people are using our site, how they browse our site and which services and pages are the most visited etc.

Thanks to these cookies, we can improve browsing and interface experience, so we can improve the interest and ergonomics of our products and services. Cookies allow us to establish statistics and to assess the volume of visits and use of the different site elements (visited pages, content, pathways, etc.).

We collect this information about the ways in which people use our site, with the use of third party technologies, including, but not limited to, Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is an online analysis service provided by Google Inc. We use Google Analytics to find out how visitors use our site, to prepare reports and to help us improve our platform. Google collects anonymous information, such as the number of visitors to our platform, the sites which led visitors to our platform and the pages that are viewed on the website. This information is then used by Google to present reports to us and to help improve our site. To find out more about the data collected by Google and the way in which it’s processed, see the Google privacy policy here:

We also use cookies to help us assess the effectiveness of our online marketing and advertising campaigns. We make use of third party cookies, including tools provided by social media platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram).

The use of these cookies allows us to display adverts on and off of our site, and to collect information on your browsing habits and the way in which you use our site. We can then show you adverts that are more personalised and adapted to your interests, the products and services that you have looked at on our site, your online browsing and our customer relations history.

We can call on remarketing technologies to allow third parties to display adverts that are personalized and likely to interest you on their networks. They are use used to confirm that you have seen a particular advert (to limit the number of times that you see an advert) to help to measure the effectiveness of an advertising campaign. In order to do this, we call on third party technologies, such as Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics.

When we call on third parties for advertising and targeting purposes, we may be led to communicate:
* information allowing you to be personally identified, such as your electronic address, your order number and your postal address.
* Generic, aggregated and anonymized data concerning your visits and the way in which you use our platforms
* Pseudonymised information such as the ID / browser cookie code or the digital impression of your electronic address to help us personalize and show you our adverts for other services. This ID or code is compared to your equivalent unique code, that is generated in the same way by our partner advertisers to personalize the adverts that you see.

These third party companies that we use for targeting and advertising properties have their own privacy policies.

An example with Google Targeting : these cookies are put in place by Google. They allow Google to develop a profile of the interests of the visitors and to guarantee that suitable oOlution adverts reach you on third party websites during a search. These cookies can also be used to store the preferences of users and to verify Google user accounts.

Some cookies can be saved by third parties when you visit our site, and notably when you use the social media functionalities on our site. These cookies allow you to show others our site’s content as well as your opinions on it. Examples are the “Share” or “Like” buttons on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. When you decide to use these buttons and generally, when you visit our site whilst staying connected to a social media site, these social network cookies are likely to communicate information about your visit to our site to these social media networks, which can then be used for advertising or commercial purposes. We recommend that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions and and Privacy Policies of these social media networks in order to be fully informed about these cookies. oOlution will not in any case be responsible for the management of your personal details by these social media networks. The responsibility of oOlution can therefore not be sought in any case.

2. Cookies Management

You can at any time authorize, limit or forbid cookies by changing the settings on your internet browser (Internet Explorer™, Firefox™, Safari™, Google Chrome™, etc.) as is written above. We inform you that any change to your settings will affect your internet browsing and your conditions of access to certain online services requiring the use of cookies.

Since the configuration of every browser is different, we invite you to consult the help menu for your browser:
For Internet Explorer™ : explorer-delete-manage-cookies.
For Firefox™ :
For Safari™ :
For Chrome™ :

"Flash"© cookies from “Adobe Flash Player”™ : “Adobe Flash Player”™ is a computer application that allows rapid development of dynamic content using the computer language “Flash”. Flash (and other similar applications) memorize the settings, preferences and usage of its contents thanks to a technology that is similar to cookies. However, “Adobe Flash Player”™ manages this information and your choices via an interface that is different than the one provided by your web browser. As your device is likely to view content that is developed with Flash language, we invite you to access the management tools for Flash cookies, directly on their site :

If you refuse to allow cookies to be saved on your device, or if you delete the cookies that are already saved, you will not able to further benefit from a certain number of functionalities that can however be necessary to browse in certain parts of our site. An example of this would be if you tried to access contents or services that require you to login or identify yourself. This would also be the case when we cannot recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your device, its language and display settings or the country from which your device appears to be accessing the internet.

When necessary, we decline all responsibility for the consequences linked to the reduced operation of our services resulting in the impossibility for us to save or consult the necessary cookies for them to function that you have refused or deleted.

3. Methods to manage Cookie Preferences

Here are a few ways to manage your cookie preferences online:

The majority of browsers and devices allow you to delete tracing technologies and / or to block the introduction of new tracing technologies. To deactivate tracing technologies, consult the “Help” menu or your device settings. However, please note that changing these settings may not be effective for all tracing technologies and that the deactivation of the tracking technologies can limit your ability to use websites and / or slow down or affect the way in which they work.

Use your mobile device settings to set your advertising preferences.

Google Analytics : if you want your data not to be used by Google Analytics, you can install the browser add-on for disabling Google Analytics by following the instructions here: You can oppose the use of cookies by Google by going to the deactivation page for Google adverts:

Facebook Ads: you can control the way that Facebook uses your details to show you adverts by deactivating the adverts that can be based on your interests and / or your relation with specific advertisers, in your advertising preferences. To find out more, see the different Facebook pages that tell you more about advertising and cookies on Facebook and update your settings:

We point your attention towards the fact that even if you have chosen not to receive our marketing messages by email by using one of the above methods, you can still see our non-targeted advertising, as long as the settings of your Facebook preferences are associated with an audience segment (predefined by Facebook) to which our activity is also refused.

It is also possible to use online platforms to control advertising cookies. For advertising cookies that are put in place by third parties, you can create an account on the site Youronlinechoices, suggested by digital advertising professionals, grouped within the EDAA (European Digital Advertising Alliance). In this way you can refuse or accept the cookies used by member advertising professionals.

4. Use of data collected by cookies

oOlution will not transfer or sell the data collected from third-party cookies.

5. Modification of the cookies charter

The current Cookies Charter can be updated periodically to reflect changes in our cookie practises. We will inform you of these changes, including the date they become effective. If you continue to use our site after these changes become effective, your continued use of the site will be taken to mean that you accept the new changes. However, if the changes require you to give your consent again, we will inform you of the changes and collect your consent to do so.

6. Contact us

If you have any questions and / or want more information on cookies, you can contact SEED TO SEED - oOlution by email at, by telephone on 09 83 71 34 74 or by post at 81 avenue Gabriel Péri 94170, Le Perreux-sur-Marne, France.