Anne-Marie Gabelica, beauty expert

Anne-Marie Gabelica has been working as a beauty expert on the "La Quotidienne" tv program of the channel France 5 since September 2015. It is therefore the second consecutive year that she presents a beauty chronicle alongside the entire team ". Every Monday, Anne-Marie offers her tricks health, beauty and natural well-being. All subjects are covered, care for oily skin, the benefits of floral waters, and even ecological household. All replays are then shared on its Facebook page and the oOlution page. The topics presented are then detailed in articles on the blog. :)

Oily skin: what solutions?

Oily skin is a type of skin that affects absolutely everyone and not that teens! When the production of the sebum is too great, the sebum flows from the sebaceous glands and promotes the appearance of small pimples when the pore is blocked. Contraceptive pills, stress, diet play their role in the production of sebum.

Attention to traps such as excess hygiene, cleaning with products too drying and stripping (scrubs, cleaning gels based on Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ...). Rule #1 is sweetness! To do this, we use cosmetics adapted to its oily skin by choosing a matifying treatment yes, but which also moisturizes the skin.