oOlution is fundamentally different. Our approach differs radically from conventional cosmetics. Our wish is to approach the cosmetic by a whole new way by breaking the predefined codes! All our skin care products are composed of ingredients 100% of natural and organic origin, adapted to the needs of each type of skin. Our desire is that you could take care of your skin in a complete way and adapted to your individual needs. oOlution cosmetics, are characterized by our ultra-diversified formulas in active ingredients (all our plant extracts are 100% of natural origin), necessary for the balance of your skin! Let’s discover our approach together.

Skin care with unique formulations

All our skin care products contain more than 65 active substances. Our ultra-complete, multi-action formulations are bursting with active substances, allowing them to meet the needs of every skin type.

We use only natural ingredients that serve a purpose for your skin. Our products are developed with 100% natural, healthy ingredients such as vegetable oils, floral waters, essential oils, etc. They never contain any fillers or artificial ingredients.

Quality ingredients for quality skin care! To offer the best for your skin, as well as for the planet, we use only organic or sustainably harvested raw materials for our products.

Ethical and committed

Not doing harm is not the same as helping! Our aim is to leave a positive footprint on the planet. To this end, we strive to go beyond offseting our impact, and reduce any impact at its source.

No palm oil

oO is singular in being completely free of palm oil derivatives. We refuse to participate in the mass deforestation caused by palm oil production, which is endangering the biodiversity of the regions where it occurs.

We are opposed to the exploitation of animals. All our products are 100% plant-derived and are never tested on animals.

About us

Who is Anne-Marie Gabelica ?

Every Monday, Anne-Marie Gabelica discusses natural beauty tips and advice as a guest on La Quotidienne for France 5 TV.

A brief history of oOlution and its mission.