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Our difference comes from what's inside! more than 65 organic extracts: my skin draws what it needs, when it needs to! 100% tailored to MY skin :)

The story of Check Matte

" I've always dreamed about a moisturizer that would keep my combination skin matte during the day or for those stressful times without dehydrating it. How come oily/combination skin products are so harsh? Shouldn't they be even more gentle in order to avoid the feeling of sensitivness (tighttness,redness, peeling skin....)?

I believe that oily skin need skin care products which allow the skin to be mattified without sacrificing the hydration. I also have enriched Check Matte with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial plant extract that help the skin to prevent and heal blemishes. It was a long journey finding that balance but we've made it ! Check Matte is very lightweight, it provides an instant mattifiyng effect while hydrating the skin : leaving it soothed and soft all day long. Goodby shiny skin!"

Anne-Marie, founder


So what's in there? Let's have a quick overview of the 76 organic extracts...

Pure and organic oils and botanical extracts of : Jojoba, Evening Primrose, Kendi (Kukui nut), Sweet Almond, Perilla, Macadamia, Argan, Passion Fruit, Green tea, Borage, Brazil nut, Lin, Coco, Amande douce, Sesame, Grape, Baobab, Rosemary, Moringa, Mogongo, Marula…

Extrait bio de : Baobab pulp, Immortelle Bleue, Calandula, Witch hazel, Goji, Lady's mentle, Gingko Biloba, Horse Chesnut ...

The full list of Check Matte's ingredients, is here (the list is translated from latin to english)!

Wich oO's product is best suited for your skin type? Find out with our interactive skin diagnosic. Along with lots of advices to take care of your skin.

My skin diagnosis


oOlution, a new approach to skincare!

100% natural origin ingredients 100% premium quality ingredients - NO fillers 0% palm oil & derivatives 100% recyclable & eco-designed 100% made in France Certified cruelty free & vegan by PETA


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