Carbon-compensated, Recyclable

In terms of ecological approaches, there are those that say things loud and clear but without really doing anything (=greenwashing). And then there are those that ask themseves what they could possibly do but don't know where to start. That was our case 3 years ago! We knew we wanted to do the best we could but what do we do? where do we start? how do we proceed??? We had to find specialists...


Less bad, isn't better!


At oO we don’t believe that saying -10% CO2 emissions is enough to tackle the challenges of our society. Down with greenwashing!

We are convinced that we can do tons of exciting things to build here and now a more intelligent world, a desirable future and a more harmonious life.

At oO our goal is not to DO LESS BAD BUT DO BETTER. DO SOME GOOD TO YOUR SKIN AND TO NATURE (just like Nature is good to us!). Yes, we dream of a world where we won’t just reduce our negative impact on the environment but where we will produce a POSITIVE IMPACT! YES, THAT’S WHAT WE DREAM OF. THAT IS WHAT DRIVES US!


Eco-designed! What does that mean?


Eco design is a thorough analysis of the environmental stakes of the products, from their birth to their death. 

The analysis of the life cycle of our products let us untie the priorities from what is secondary.

It is a process to reduce as soon as possible the environmental impacts of the products, all through their product life (manufacturing, distribution, usage…). We thus put our hearts and souls into this approach right at the beginning of the oOlution adventure!


At that moment we needed expert help on the matter. We turned towards an organization dedicated to eco design, ADEME, that immediately believed in our project and helped us realize it. Then, experts evaluated all of our impacts on the environment by realizing the life cycle analysis of our products.


All the steps of life where scrutinized! From the ingredients, the process, not forgetting packaging and transportation to their final usage. 


Another advantage of this method is that it doesn’t only focalize on one impact (for example greenhouse gaz emissions). On the contrary, the life cycle analysis of our products gave us a complete and very detailed vision of all of our impacts on the environment: air pollution, water pollution, energy consumption…


This analysis led us to rationally determine the primary actions to accomplish to be as effective ecologically as possible. Yes, at oOlution our environmental actions are based on science and not on marketing strategies! 


More an eco-design starts earlier in the creation of the products, like at oOlution, the more it helps prevent effectively a large number of impacts. In all, we succeeded in reducing, at the source, our environmental impacts and thus all along the product’s life cycle. Isn’t that something? :) 


We have to say that if oOlution is today the only cosmetic brand to have realized this type of analysis from the conception and on all its products, we hope to be a whole lot more very soOn.



We can do better!


We want to produce less garbage but we didn't find the right reusable product bottles. 

While we are waiting for a solution, our bottles are 100% recyclable (without a metal spring in the pump).

We go beyond our commitments but we know we can still do better. Yes, we aren’t totally free of negative impacts but, we have a precise vision of the way we are going to reduce our impacts (it’s not because we’re not perfect that we can’t do better :)) Of course, it will take time but we’re on our way there.

For example, our eco-design study let us judge our different options for our packaging. At first we dreamed of plastic biodegradable bottles, which turned out to be technically impossible (but we haven’t totally given up!). The study took into account many other options: glass bottles, recycled, reusable and recyclable. All of the data on our impact let us choose wisely the option best fitted to our budget as a start-up that has less environmental impacts.

We thus chose bottles that are 100% recyclable with an existing and well-established industry. Yes our flasks are really 100% recyclable because made out of 100% recyclable plastic with a pump and a spring without metal to disable recycling it.



Furthermore, we took care of putting everything on our labels, a message to raise everyone's awareness: “Be kind, recycle me!”.


We are also the first cosmetic brand to communicate our impacts on every product page (a dedicated tab: “Impacts”) and to give advice to our community so it may diminish the impact of its beauty routine on the environment.


Ok, that’s good but not enough, first of all because we don’t really recycle our plastic bottles (only 46% are recycled in France).


We aren’t satisfied to depend on non-renewable energies. We aren’t more satisfied to only be able to use our bottles once.


We are going to do better, we are already preparing the next step… yes, we aren’t perfect but we’re fighters, we ask ourselves questions and question what we do, we try, we make mistakes, and sometimes we win. That’s our approach.