Flower power

facial cleansing
All skin types

All skin types

  • Tonifying
  • Moisturizing
  • Purifying
  • Soothing
  • Glow
  • Detoxifying
  • Antioxydant
Organic toning floral water
Hydrates, purifies and softens the skin
Detoxifies for a radiant complexion
27 organic plant extracts that soothe, tone and purify
100% natural ingredients
No endocrine disruptors – No alcohol
Vegan – Not tested on animals
Made in Provence, France
Reusable vaporiser (optional)
125 ml of refreshing pureness!

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  • Mists and floral waters are incredibly effective allies in your beauty routine: they hydrate your skin and help to eliminate the limescale found in hard tap water. At oOlution, we took this a step further to create an active water packed with properties that refresh, tone and detoxify your skin!

    Flower Power purifies, regulates and soothes the skin. To achieve such beneficial results, we have maximised its range of natural ingredients. Our floral water is a unique formulation of:
    • 9 floral waters with hydrating and refreshing properties distilled with mountain spring water: lemon, quince, lemon balm, spearmint, peach, apple, grape, verbena
    But we went even further and also added:
    • 19 organic plant extracts with soothing and purifying properties obtained with mountain spring water: yarrow, sea buckthorn, carrot, cherry, cucumber, fennel, prickly pear, ginger, kiwi, melon, nutmeg, blueberry, nettle, butcher’s broom, plum, marigold (calendula), green tea, tomato, verbena

    This totally unique biodiversity of active ingredients results in a hydrating and detoxifying active floral water that gently restores your skin’s natural radiance.

    Ideal after make-up removal and face cleansing, Flower Power augments the benefits of your skin cream. Used in the morning, it invigorates your skin and your mind with its fresh, bright scents of lemon, lemon balm and spearmint. Flower Power comes in a bottle with a dispensing spout or an optional vaporiser (select before adding the product to your shopping basket).


How to use Flower Power floral water?

You can use a washable towelette to apply Flower Power to your face or directly spray it on your skin (if you have the optional vaporiser). Do this either after removing your make-up or cleaning your face with Gentle Angel cleansing face wash, Oil Right cleansing oil or Milky Way cleansing milk.

In the morning, one quick application allows you to care for your skin by invigorating, hydrating, refreshing and toning it, or you may want to spritz a bit on during a hot day to freshen up. Can also be use as an aftershave.

In the evening, just after removing your make-up with Oil Right cleansing oil or Milky Way cleansing milk, Flower Power optimises your beauty routine by preparing your skin to take advantage of your moisturiser. Begin with an application of Flower Power before applying your facial skin care (Glow up, Check Matte, Whole Again or Age Out) to enhance their effects.
• I have very sensitive, delicate skin – can I use Flower Power?
Yes, Flower Power is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. So there is no problem! :)

• Should I keep Flower Power in the fridge?
No, you don’t need to keep Flower Power in the fridge to conserve it. However, in the summer it might be pleasant to keep it cool if you want a refreshing mist! :)

• Can I remove my make-up using Flower Power alone?
No, you should remove your make-up first with a cleansing milk, or if you have dry, sensitive skin or are prone to eczema, with Oil Right cleansing oil. Then you can apply Flower Power active floral water to complete your make-up removal, just before putting on your face cream.

 Can I use Flower Power after shaving? 
Yes, this organic tonig floral water has moisturizig and soothing virtues, so it can totally be use has an aftershave.

Legend : Aqueous extracts / Organic fruit water

Cydonia oblonga fruit water (Quinces fruit water), Citrus limon fruit water (Lemon tree Water), Mentha viridis leaf extract (Spearmint Leaf Extract), Melissa officinalis leaf water (Lemon balm leaf Water), Malus domestica fruit water (Apple fruit Water), Vitis vinifera fruit water (Grappe fruit Water), Prunus persica fruit water (Peach fruit Water), Aqua (Eau), Leuconostoc/ radish root ferment filtrate (co-preservative), Glycerin (Glycerol), Citric acid (Citric acid), Hippophae rhamnoides fruit extract (Buckthorn berries Extract), Achillea millefolium extract (Yarrow Extract), Daucus carota sativa root extract (Carrot roots Extract), Prunus cerasus flower extract (Morrelo-Cherry blossom Extract), Cucumis sativus fruit extract (Cucumber Extract), Foeniculum vulgare seed extract (Fennel seeds Extract), Opuntia ficus-indica fruit extract (Prickly Pear Extract), Zingiber officinale root extract (Ginger Extract), Actinidia chinensis fruit extract (Kiwi Extract), Cucumis melo fruit extract (Melon Extract), Myristica fragrans kernel extract (Nutmeg Extract), Vaccinium myrtillus fruit extract (Blueberry Extract), Urtica dioica leaf extract (Nettle Extract), Ruscus aculeatus root extract (Butcher's broom Extract), Prunus persica fruit extract (Peach Extract), Calendula officinalis flower extract (Marigold flower Extract), Camellia sinensis leaf extract (Green Tea Leaf Extract), Solanum lycopersicum fruit extract (Tomato Extract), Lippia citriodora leaf extract (Verbena leaf Extract)

Reduce your environmental impact with five simple actions that make a difference!

1. Ordering: Try as far as possible to group order oOlution products. Not only does this save you money (-€4 for two full-size face care products and -€9 for three full-size face care products), but it also reduces the environmental impact of transport per order.
Why? The experts who carried out oOlution’s environmental analysis found that shipping has a marked climate-change impact in the product lifecycle. To lessen this impact, we reduced the packaging volume required for transporting each product by specially manufacturing packages of optimised sizes. In parallel, as it is better to transport several products at once, we have also created offers to encourage this: €4 off for two full-size face care products and €9 off for three full-size face care products. You could call it an environmental discount!

2. Delivery: If possible, opt to pick up your package at a Point Relais (Mondial Relay) if you can get there without having to drive. If you have to take your car, it’s better to have your order shipped directly to your home (opt for Colissimo).
Why? During the environmental impact analysis on product lifecycle, our eco-design experts took into account the impact of delivery methods. By studying the different transport possibilities, we were able to determine the delivery method with the least environmental impact according to the situation.

3. Cleansing: Whether using soap or Gentle Angel face wash, it’s better to wash your face with cold rather than hot water. This not only stimulates microcirculation to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the skin, it saves energy.
Why? Heating the water used to wash your face represents a significant part of energy consumption in a skin care routine.

4. Make-up removal: Above all, avoid using cotton pads or disposable wipes and replace these with washable towelettes made from organic materials (cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, etc.)
Why? Cotton pads are not the best option for the skin, particularly for sensitive skin. Furthermore, the farming of non-organic cotton is responsible for the highest pesticide use in the world. The less cotton we waste by throwing it away, the better for the planet’s biodiversity.

5. Recycle: Put your empty oOlution containers in a recycling receptacle for plastics.
Why? In contrast to almost all the pump bottles on the market, oOlution bottles are truly 100% recyclable – the pump doesn’t contain metal springs. As the bottle is made of 100% recyclable plastic, it would be a shame not to take advantage of your local recycling scheme, wouldn’t it? ;)

That’s it! With these five concrete steps, you can reduce the environmental impact of your beauty routine. Take the challenge!
31 ans
Skin : combination type (sometimes a bit oily)

Un peu partagée...

Je suis partagée concernant ce produit : la première fois que je l'ai commandé, j'ai adoré l'odeur, la sensation sur la peau et le côté pratique du spray. Un poil cher mais quand on aime... En revanche, quand je l'ai terminé et que j'ai reçu le deuxième produit, l'odeur était vraiment différente, comme si le produit avait "tourné"... Impossible de l'utiliser, j'ai essayé de me forcer plusieurs jours mais ça ne passait pas, alors j'ai totalement arrêté de l'utiliser dommage... Du coup je n'ose plus trop le commander...

35 ans
Skin : normal to combination type


La première fois que j'ai eu Flower Power, j'ai été un peu surprise par son odeur. Quelque chose me dérangeait contrairement à tous les autres produits Oolution dont j'adorais l'odeur. Après quelques utilisations, l'odeur ne me gênait plus. Aujourd'hui, je l'adore ! Cette eau florale est idéale après chaque nettoyage du visage, juste avant le soin pour le booster, le matin pour réveiller fraîchement sa peau et l'hydrater en douceur, et l'été pour se rafraîchir à n'importe quel moment de la journée !

38 ans
Skin : combination to oily type and dehydrated

Rafraîchissante et hydratante

Eau de soin hydratante et très rafraîchissante à appliquer (avec sa pompe spray très pratique) en complément avant sa crème matin et soir !

37 ans
Skin : combination type (sometimes a bit oily)

Eau de soin adoptée !

C'est un produit que j'utilise depuis quelques mois maintenant et que j'utilise aussi bien le matin que le soir en spray.
Elle laisse la peau douce, tonique et son odeur est relaxante.
J'en met aussi un peu sur les bras après la douche !

51 ans
Skin : normal to combination type with an acute dehydration and sensitiveness

Flower power pour ma peau sensible à tendance sèche

J'adore cette eau florale, elle sent bon, elle est très agréable sur la peau. Je suis très satisfaite de tous les produits oOlution, j'ai presque tout essayé et en grand format, cette marque est ma découverte de l'année. Je ne fais que des compliments de cette marque alors vais mettre un petit bémol, je trouve cette eau florale un peu chère mais la qualité est là alors vais essayer d'oublier le prix car cette eau florale est de qualité.

30 ans
Skin : combination to oily type and dehydrated

Super produit

Le produit est super, je n'ai pas mis 5 car je pense qu'il serait plus pratique de le mettre sous forme de vaporisateur. Du coup je vais transvaser dans un flacon type vaporisateur :)

26 ans

Super en été !

Je travaille dehors en été et j'avais besoin de fraîcheur. Flower Power est juste parfait : glissé dans le sac, j'en met dès que j'ai chaud dans l'après midi, résultats : ça rafraîchi, ça hydrate et ça fait la peau douce =) Parfait !

50 ans
Skin : normal to combination type

******** LE TOP !!!!

j'ai tester la flower power , 1) a boire , bof même tres frais j"ai trouver mieux en terre d'eire 2) sur le visage le matin !! je whaoooo superbe , cela fait un bien fou , mais aussi je le met au frais ( 5°) réfrigérateur et la encore mieux que bien 3) conditionnement pratique 4) j'aime beaucoup le parfum de l'ensemble et un arrière de citron et qui ne fait pas '' girly '' et passe bien , surtout après un rasage de près je l'adopte et le conseille

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