Oil Lala

multi–purpose oil

Face, body and hair

  • Nourishes
  • Restores
  • Enhances

Nourishes, restores and enhances the skin
Softens and makes hair shine

Multi-function organic oil with an addictive fragrance

100 % natural origin ingredient
Without endocrine disruptors
Vegan & Cruelty-free
Made in France

100 mL

More details

29,17 €

  • 100 % organically farmed or sustainably wild-harvested natural extracts.
    100% tailor made efficiency: 
    more than 70 different active ingredients compared to classic cosmetics, for a skincare product that adapts itself to MY skin.
    100% naturally derived ingredients = 0% parabens, phenoxyethanol, PEG's, DEA, TEA, PBA,mineral oils (petrolatum, paraffin, silicones etc.), animal ingredients, glycols (propylene glycol), sulfate detergents, phthalates, fumarate, amines, alkanolamines, polyacrylamide, metracrylate, synthetic chelating agents, aluminium and all its derivatives, colorants and synthetic perfumes et al. (like that group of scary chemicals).
    100% intransigent = 0% esterified and hydrogenated oils, useless for skin and harmful for biodiversity.

    Oil Lala is a multi-functions oil that sublimates from head to toes. Thanks to its rich organic vegetable oils as Apricot, Macadamia or Buriti oil, the skin is nourished, repaired and enhances. Oil Lala is only make with more than 50 organic vegetable oils and a sweet fragrance, it contains no filling oil (esterified, hydrogenated, silicone...).

    Oil Lala can also be used on hair to strengthen the hair fiber and makes hair shine.
On the face :
Apply a few drops of Oil Lala by massaging your face, to nourish and enhance your skin, avoid eye contours. 

On the body :
Oil Lala can be used everyday to moisturize, soften and brighten your skin. Apply the oil on your skin and massage until the product penetrates. You can use this oil after sun exposure for a sublimated tan and soothed skin. Its dry finish allows to dress just after application.

Oil Lala can also be used as a massage oil. It is also perfect for children and babies.

For even more softness, you can use Oil Lala oil after washing your body with our cold saponified soap Soap Rise.

On the hair:
You can use Oil Lala in two ways on your hair:
- In a mask before shampoo (ideal for dry, curly and/or frizzy hair) to deeply nourish your hair. Apply Oil Lala to all your hair by massaging scalp, lengths and tips. After at least 15 minutes, wash your hair with your usual shampoo (preferably without sulphates).
- A few drops in daily care on dry hair to discipline, protect and scent your hair.

I lower the impact of my skincare product on the environment with 5 EASY, CONCRETE ACTIONS THAT MAKE A DIFFERENCE!


1. Order: I try, when possible, to order my products in packs (by 2 or 3). Not only do I save money (shipping fees + a boOnus of 4 or 9€) and I also reduce the impact of transportation by product ordered.


Why? The experts that analyzed oOlution's environmental impacts noticed that shipments had a considerable impact in the life cycle of the product. To reduce that impact, it was necessary to firstly reduce the volume of our shipments: we had boxes custom-made according to the size of our products. Secondly, it was better to ship as many packages as possible at the same time, we thus created a boOnus: 4€ for every pack of 2 products ordered and 9€ for every packs of 3 products. Isn't that swell :)


2. Shipment: if I can pick up my package in a Relay Point (local parcel counter in existing retail businesses such as convenience stores, book stores, supermarkets, dry cleaning outlets or news agents in partnership with Mondial Relay) without taking my car, I can choose that type of shipment. If I must take my car to get my products at a Relay Point, it's better to have them shipped directly to my home by choosing a normal postal delivery.

The Mondial Relay delivery in parcel shops is available in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Spain, Austria, Italy and Portugal.

Why? During the analysis of the environmental impacts of all the products throughout their life cycle, our eco-conception experts took into account shipment. While studying the different possibilities and the different type of transportation, we were able to determine the shipment type least impacting the environment according to different situations.


3. Cleaning: may it be with soap or gel, it's better to clean your face with cold water. It stimulates blood micro-circulation for a nice complexion and it saves energy, not needing to heat water. Why? Heating water while you wash your face represents a high energy use during the whole time you use the skincare product.


4. Make-up removal: I try to avoid using cotton discs or throw-away wipes which I replace with re-usable, washable wipes made of plants (organic cotton, linen, hemp, bamboo, eucalyptus, …) Why? Cotton discs are not the best solution for your skin's comfort, especially if it's sensitive. Furthermore, conventional cotton (=non organic) is the culture that consumes the most pesticides in the world. The less we waste, the better for our world-wide biodiversity.


5. Recycle:I throw my bottle away in the plastic recyclingbin.

Why? Contrary to almost all existent bottle pumps, oO's skincare bottles do not have a metal spring so they are really 100% recyclable. With a bottle pump made of 100% recyclable plastic and a well established recycling system, it would be a shame to miss this, wouldn't it?


There you goO! With these 5 actions you lower the environmental impact of your beauty routine. Isn't that awesoOme?

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58 ans
Skin : combination to oily type


Excellente huile, je l'utilise sur le corps et le toucher est vraiment sec. L'odeur est sympa mais je la trouve trop discrète, j'aurai aimé une senteur plus prononcée



Reçue aujourd'hui, je suis accroc à son odeur

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