How to know what’s really a natural fragrance?

By the 04 May 2020

What’s more natural than scents? Flowers, freshly cut grass, leaves, ocean spray: nature is scented! But today our daily lives are overrun with industrial artificial fragrances, from detergent to air fresheners or even cat litter… And, of course, our perfumes and beauty products. Artificial fragrances are hard to escape, with potentially harmful consequences on our health and the environment. So here’s our guide on how to know what is really a natural fragrance.

palm oil

Does responsibly sourced palm oil exist?

By the 10 June 2020

Shocked with photos of devastated forests and slaughtered orangutans, the image we have of palm oil has, deservedly, taken a hit. Despite its known consequences, palm oil remains the most consumed fat in the world, present in half of all supermarket products. But manufacturers assure us that their palm oil is responsibly sourced. A green palm-tree logo means we can guiltlessly stuff our faces with chocolate spread, right? Something about that just doesn’t add up…


Silicone: Sworn enemy of your skin and hair

By the 17 March 2020

Since their invention in the 1930s, silicones have invaded our daily lives – cake tins, bathroom fixtures, breast implants, menstrual cups, non-stick mats… and cosmetics. They’re extremely widely used. They’re an essential component of shampoos and creams, but aren’t so good for our skin and hair. What’s the problem with them?

peau sèche

Irritated, dry skin: which routine should I adopt?

By the 17 March 2020

The heating’s on full blast, last year’s hats and scarves have been uncovered – Winter is here. If anyone’s not happy about it, it’s your skin. It’s irritating, peeling, getting out of the shower is a festival of tingles and itches. You’re awaiting Spring with chattering teeth? Chin up! By adopting a good routine, you can have velvety skin even in Winter!