Rough and dry hands: which hand cream should I use?

By the 17 March 2020

Overexposed to the cold, the wind, hard water, cleaning products. Overworked, scratched, grazed, from building, cooking… Our hands get bashed about every day. And if we forget to look after them, they call us out on it: irritated, itchy, the slightest thing is enough to damage them. In short, our hands dry out, becoming rough and uncomfortable. What do they want? A cream all for themselves!

naturals cosmetics

Natural cosmetics standards: can you really trust them?

By the 17 March 2020

Hidden behind their obscure names, like Norm ISO 16128, there’s a respectable intention: to internationally standardise how we define organic and natural cosmetics. Something to bring more transparency to the cosmetics industry, so that the consumer is better informed and protected. Sounds too good to be true. And after 6 years of work in over 30 countries we’ve conceived of a cosmetics standard that benefits… manufacturers. A prestigious award for their greenwashing, allowing them to boast about the naturalness of their petrochemical creams… We’ll tell you everything you need to know.

peau sèche

Irritated, dry skin: which routine should I adopt?

By the 17 March 2020

The heating’s on full blast, last year’s hats and scarves have been uncovered – Winter is here. If anyone’s not happy about it, it’s your skin. It’s irritating, peeling, getting out of the shower is a festival of tingles and itches. You’re awaiting Spring with chattering teeth? Chin up! By adopting a good routine, you can have velvety skin even in Winter!

radiant skin

5 tips for radiant skin!

By the 12 June 2020

Bright and glowing skin, a fresh and even complexion? In the middle of Winter, when the mirror reflects our worn-out features, a dull and tired complexion, radiant skin seems like a far-off dream. But you can get back your radiant skin, even in the middle of Winter!