Is dry-brushing a good idea?

By the 11 May 2020

Have you heard people talking about dry-brushing for the body and face? Supposedly a gentle cleansing method, the process supposedly allows you to cleanse your skin without removing its protective layer of acids and oils! But is it really good for the skin? We’re going to give you all the details…


Why we haven’t made a natural shampoo

By the 30 April 2020

You often ask us about it: when is oOlution going to release an amazing natural shampoo? It’s true that shampoo is the basic beauty product that is missing from our website. And for a good reason: we refuse to lower our standards for you! It’s out of the question for us to formulate products that aren’t 100% natural, beneficial to your hair, health, and the environment. This ideal shampoo, a truly natural shampoo, doesn’t actually exist. Let us explain.


Everything there is to know about a sebum cure

By the 28 April 2020

Shampoo, conditioner, hair care products… Every so often we feel the need to chuck it all away! Doing a sebum cure is a good solution to get back on track and detoxify your head of hair. In general, this means not washing your hair for 30 days, with the aim of obtaining more luscious locks than ever before. Inspired by slow cosmetics, and is somewhere in between low-poo (low-shampoo: spacing out shampooing as often as possible) and no-poo (no shampoo: avoiding shampoo completely from your beauty routine). If you’re looking for benefits, advice, or just looking to plunge straight in, we’ll explain everything!


Is SCI the key to organic shampoo?

By the 11 June 2020

So you’ve been persuaded: organic shampooing is the right move. For your hair, health, and the environment. Whether in solid or liquid format, you’ll be avoiding silicones, synthetic fragrances, and aggressive sulfate surfactants. A good start! But is it just a start? Unfortunately yes, have another look at the label. There’s a big chance you’ll find sodium cocoyl isethionate: SCI is a really common surfactant, used frequently in organic shampoos. But, unfortunately, it’s not so good for the planet…


5 foods to your control dry skin

By the 24 April 2020

Does your skin feel thirsty, rough, and sensitive? Even though there are thousands of tips available on how to thoroughly nourish and give your skin back its flexibility, your diet is one of the most effective solutions! Here are our nutritional tips to help fight against dry skin and keep your skin hydrated at all times.