Is dry-brushing a good idea?

By the 11 May 2020

Have you heard people talking about dry-brushing for the body and face? Supposedly a gentle cleansing method, the process supposedly allows you to cleanse your skin without removing its protective layer of acids and oils! But is it really good for the skin? We’re going to give you all the details…


5 foods to fight signs of ageing

By the 23 April 2020

With pollution, smoking, stress, tiredness, or even just the passing of time, our skin can push firmness aside and leave wrinkles in its place. Although there’s a whole load of tips available on how to regain your skin’s firmness, your diet remains the most effective remedy! After all, you are what you eat! Here are our anti-ageing nutrition tips to help you fight against skin cell ageing!


6 tips for perfect skin in quarantine

By the 09 April 2020

Have you noticed your skin deteriorating during quarantine? Dryness, loss of radiance, increase in acne? For once, makeup, pollution or even sun exposure are not what’s causing this discomfort. But don’t panic! We’re going to explain what’s causing this and, of course, give you our best advice to sort out these skin issues, even in quarantine!

radiant skin

5 tips for radiant skin!

By the 12 June 2020

Bright and glowing skin, a fresh and even complexion? In the middle of Winter, when the mirror reflects our worn-out features, a dull and tired complexion, radiant skin seems like a far-off dream. But you can get back your radiant skin, even in the middle of Winter!