Eczema: how do I get rid of it?

By the 18 May 2020

Intense itching, flaking skin, redness, dryness, and blistering: eczema can make life really hard! It can be treated and soothed easily, but will always end up coming back unless you resolve the triggers. You have to work out the cause before you can completely get rid of it.


Everything there is to know about a sebum cure

By the 28 April 2020

Shampoo, conditioner, hair care products… Every so often we feel the need to chuck it all away! Doing a sebum cure is a good solution to get back on track and detoxify your head of hair. In general, this means not washing your hair for 30 days, with the aim of obtaining more luscious locks than ever before. Inspired by slow cosmetics, and is somewhere in between low-poo (low-shampoo: spacing out shampooing as often as possible) and no-poo (no shampoo: avoiding shampoo completely from your beauty routine). If you’re looking for benefits, advice, or just looking to plunge straight in, we’ll explain everything!


5 foods to your control dry skin

By the 24 April 2020

Does your skin feel thirsty, rough, and sensitive? Even though there are thousands of tips available on how to thoroughly nourish and give your skin back its flexibility, your diet is one of the most effective solutions! Here are our nutritional tips to help fight against dry skin and keep your skin hydrated at all times.


5 foods to fight signs of ageing

By the 23 April 2020

With pollution, smoking, stress, tiredness, or even just the passing of time, our skin can push firmness aside and leave wrinkles in its place. Although there’s a whole load of tips available on how to regain your skin’s firmness, your diet remains the most effective remedy! After all, you are what you eat! Here are our anti-ageing nutrition tips to help you fight against skin cell ageing!


DIY Body Scrub

By the 23 April 2020

Stress, pollution, an unhealthy lifestyle, excessive sun exposure, or shaving: every day our body is put to the test! The result is skin that tends to dry out, or we might even see some ingrown hairs cropping up. In order to help the skin get rid of all its dead cells, a body scrub can be a good option. And for a body scrub that’s healthy, effective, and 100% natural, there’s no better solution than to make your own!