is coconut oil comedogenic?

Is coconut oil comedogenic?

By the 09 June 2020

Coconut oil has numerous benefits as an ingredient in beauty products. However, for some time now, coconut oil has been labelled as highly comedogenic, meaning it clogs your pores. So, does coconut oil give you spots? Let us explain…

naturally disinfect your home

How to naturally disinfect your home

By the 09 June 2020

There’s more to essential oils than a pleasant smell or holistic healing. They also have strong disinfectant powers. If you want to stop using conventional cleaning products that are often toxic, and can irritate the skin, essential oils can be a good alternative to naturally and thoroughly disinfect your home while respecting your skin. Here’s how to naturally disinfect your home, using essential oils.


How to know what’s really a natural fragrance?

By the 04 May 2020

What’s more natural than scents? Flowers, freshly cut grass, leaves, ocean spray: nature is scented! But today our daily lives are overrun with industrial artificial fragrances, from detergent to air fresheners or even cat litter… And, of course, our perfumes and beauty products. Artificial fragrances are hard to escape, with potentially harmful consequences on our health and the environment. So here’s our guide on how to know what is really a natural fragrance.


oO Recipe: the best vegan banana loaf!

By the 08 April 2020

There is nothing quite as comforting as the smell of fresh baking, filling your home with a warm cloud of familiarity. In times when everything seems to be moving at 100 miles per hour, baking is a moment of peace and tranquility that can be grounding, even if everything else feels a little overwhelming. Here is our recipe for the perfect vegan banana loaf, for days when you need a little lift.