stretch marks

5 tips to prevent stretch marks

By the 20 August 2020

Stretch marks… The enemies of our summer body! You might already be familiar with these stripes, or if not, you will one day: almost nobody manages to avoid them forever. The beauty industry knows how obsessed we are with them and is constantly coming up with new miracle products whose prices and effectiveness leave much to be desired. Getting rid of stretch marks completely is virtually impossible. But by adopting a few good habits, you can limit their appearance.

acne scars

How to get rid of acne scars

By the 10 June 2020

Whether as a result of your teenage years, or hormonal yo-yos, acne isn’t easy to put up with. In addition to the spots and blackheads it gives us, acne sometimes leaves us with lasting souvenirs: usually on the face, acne scars can be very visible. But how can we avoid them, or get rid of them completely? Here’s our guide!

naturally disinfect your home

How to naturally disinfect your home

By the 09 June 2020

There’s more to essential oils than a pleasant smell or holistic healing. They also have strong disinfectant powers. If you want to stop using conventional cleaning products that are often toxic, and can irritate the skin, essential oils can be a good alternative to naturally and thoroughly disinfect your home while respecting your skin. Here’s how to naturally disinfect your home, using essential oils.